Consultative Forum of movements of Eritrean Youth for Change

Important Announcement Consultative Forum of movements of Eritrean Youth for Change consultative meeting will be held through the Arab Chamber of dialogue (paltalk) Eritrean Arabic Al-Hiwar Forum Date: 06/28/2011 at 8 o’clock pm European Central Time And by Saudia Arabian Time at 9 o’clock pm This an Invitation to all Eritrean youth movements for change in various countries in order to discuss and consult regarding youth movements and how to coordinate and continue working under the umbrella of a unified front in order to maintain the cohesion and interaction and motivate the youth to accelerate the fall of the regime. We have to seek change until we fix our communities problems and make our country peaceful and secure and preserve human dignity and integrity of the Eritreans. Meetings and dialogues will continue between the youth of change until we reach a consensus on key issues with the permission of God we will reject all forms of discrimination, and unite our efforts and mobilize the energies. Through this Declaration we invite all youth cadres and writers to crystallize the idea that young people can make a change.

Eritrean Arabic Al-Hiwar Forum

ኣገዳሲ ሓበረታ 

ፋልማይ ናይ ዘተርክብ ንምንቅስቓስ ኤረትራዊ መንእሰይ ንለውጢ


……ብሩህመጻኢ ኤርትራ ንምህናጽ ብሓባር……


ኣብ አሪትሪ ያንኣራቢክኣልሕዋርፎሩምገዛ (ፓልቶክ) ንፋልማይናይዘተርክብ፡ኩሉኤሪትራዊመንእሰይንጽውዕ። ሽቶ‘ዚርክባት‘ዚነቲዝረአዘሎመንእሰያዊምንቅስቓሳት፡ ርእይቶታትንጻዕርታትንኣዋሃሂድካምዕቡልሓቀኛለውጢከምጽእዝኽእልን፡ ደሞክራስያዊትንኹሉእታሓቁፍኤርትራንምህናጽክሕግዝዝኽእልርእይቶታትንምቅላሕእዩ።



  • ምትሕብባርንምውህሃድንዝተፈላለየንጥፈታትናይኩለንመንእሰያዊማሕበራት።  
  • ብኸመይኣገባብኣብሓደሓባራዊመደብስራሕናይኩሎምመንእሰያትኤርትራይብጻሕ?


በዚኣጋጣሚንኩለንናይመርበብማዕከናት፡ ኩሎምጻሓፍቲ፡ ከምኡውንሃገራውያንባእታታትነዚርክብከዐዉቱንብተሳትፎኦምከሀብትምዎንብክብሪንዕድም።


ፓልቶክገዛ EritreanArabic Al-Hiwar Forum


ዕለት      28/06/2011 ሳዓት  8፡00 ምሸት (ምዕራብኤውሮጳ)

                                  9፡00 ምሸት(ስዑዲዓረብ)



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