Second day workshop report- Sweden

By Committee for national Congress- Sweden

The Eritrean Committee for national congress in cooperation with national commission for democratic change conducted a second day public workshop in Stockholm- Sweden on Saturday 25th June 2011.

Mr. Omer Abubaker, the committee chairman opened the meeting with welcome greetings to the audience. Mr. Omer presented shortly the topic of the day,( National charter) the modes of workshop and its proceedings. After presentation, the committee divided the public in workshop groups. They were divided in four groups.

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2
  3. Group 3
  4. Group 4

The four groups organized the workshop by electing a chair and two secretaries in Tigrinya and Arabic.

The first group was chaired by Mrs Kedija and secretary was Mr. Berhane Tesfazghi.

The second group was chaired by Mr. Salih Hayoti and secretaries were Mrs Meheret Dawit and Mr. Abdurahim Haj Ali. The third group was chaired by Mr. Alazar Hagos and followed by two secretaries- Mr. Negash Osman and Fessehaye Hagos. The fourth group was chaired by Mr. Nouredin M. Ali and secretaries were Mr. Ahmed Abdelkadir and Mr. Abdurehim Abdala.

The aim of the workshop was to involve the public actively in addressing the issues provided in the draft of the national charter to be endorsed in the forthcoming congress for the democratic change.

The aim was to enrich the charter draft prepared by the commission by brainstorming the general proposals drafted in the charter.

The workshop groups discussed the national charter from its introduction up to the last chapter of how to come to a comprehensive agreement to achieve the struggle against dictatorship and establish a democratic Eritrea in the future..

The main issues discussed deeply were the following:

  1. Aims of the democratic transition in Eritrea
  2. The methods of Resistance/ struggle against the dictatorship in Eritrea
  3. The principles and fundamental rights and freedoms of the Eritrean diversities
  4. Planning for democracy
  5. Democratic Defense policy
  6. National and international Dialogue


The groups discussed in detail on the arrangements and language formulation in all the contents of the draft. In conclusion, each group has written its comments and proposal to be submitted to the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic change. The draft of the national charter was greatly benefitted from the workshop contributions. The Committee for democratic change was grateful to all participants by their involvement and contributions and the next remaining documents will be discussed in workshops and in groups.  The committee for democratic change recommended the participants to read the coming documents before the workshop in order to gain time and reach joint understanding of the contents of each document.

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