INVITATION :To all Eritrean women in London ጸወዒት ንኩለን ኤርትራውያን

Within the framework of ongoing efforts to organize Eritrean women in order to achieve our social and human rights, we are pleased to call upon all Eritrean women in London who strive

to play constructive role in ousting the brutal dictatorial regime, to an open meeting to discuss and explore ways on how better we can work together and secure our vital role in the society.Date

: Sunday 10th of July 2011Time

* Please be punctual

: 02:00 PM*(Thank YOU!)Location

: Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum (MRCF), 2 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XLDirections

Hammersmith and City line. Stops for

under the Westway,

For more details please contact: Tel- 07425219429 Email-

: MRCF is just three minutes’ walk from Ladbroke Grove tube station on thebuses 7, 23, 52, 70, 228, and 452 are also near at hand. TuckedPortobello Road is less than two minutes’




If you need child care, please let us know in advance.

ጸወዒት ንኩለን ኤርትራውያን





ኣንስትዮ ኣብ ለንደን

ኣብ ክሊ



ቲ ዯቒኣንስትዩ ኤርትራ ተወዲበን ንማሕበራውን ሰብኣውን መሰላተን ንምርግጋጽ ዝካየድ ዘሎ ጻዕርታትን ተራኺብና አብ ሕብረተሰብና ህያው ግዯና ንምዕዛዝን ዘኽእለና ሓባራዊ መዯባት ንምስራዕ ንኩለን ኣብ ስዕረት ምልካዊ ስርዓት ሃናጺ ኣስተዋጽኦ ክጻወታ ዝዯልያ ኤርትራውያን ዯቒኣንስትዮ ኣብ ለንዯን አብ ዝካየድ ክፉት ናይ ዝርርብን ምምይያጥን መጋብኣያ ብኽብሪ ንዕድም።

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