Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC) Endorses IGAD’s Stand on Sanction

Ever since the dictatorial regime of PFDJ took power, it has rode roughshod over the pride of the Eritrean people and our martyrs, hijacked the independence won through bitter struggle and a heavy price, hindered the process of democratic change and curtailed any desire for the establishment of a peaceful, developed, just and constitutionally governed country simply to set up a dictatorial regime in its place. As a result, Eritreans have not only become victims of this new colonialism and slavery, but the PFDJ is continuing its bellicose activities against neighbouring countries and helping those suspected of perpetrating terrorism in the region. Thus based on such acts, it is to be remembered that the UN Security Council has on December 23/2009 and under Resolution no. 1907 decided to impose sanction on the regime. The sanction focused on the following three points:


  1. Restriction on the purchase of armaments
  2. Freezing of assets of PFDJ officers and their cronies
  3. Travel restrictions of PFDJ officials


If there is anything worth noting from the fact that the Resolution was passed without any objections and that it was endorsed by IGAD and the AU unanimously, it is the extent of the threat of the dictatorial regime of the PFDJ which goes beyond its own people over to the peoples of the Horn in particular and the world community in general. Hence, the sanction’s aim was simply to curtail the misguided and destructive policies of the dictatorial regime.


However, the regime, instead of putting a stop to its misguided and destructive policies and striving to create peace with its neighbours and the world in general, preferred to stand by its ruinous policies, and by misleading the people that the sanction was a plot undertaken to punish them it campaigned for a mass demonstration by all Eritreans in the Diaspora against the Resolution. And yet it never for once stopped its aggressive and terrorist activities on the ground.    


The PFDJ dictatorial regime which by changing its colours like the chameleon has seized power by deceiving all those who fought for freedom, was expected by many trusting Eritreans to wise up and make diplomatic efforts in order to solve the problems it has created itself and to free its own people from excessive subjugation and hardship following the sanction    


Instead, the PFDJ dictatorial regime, being by nature unable to learn from its misguided and destructive policies and aggressive activities, has excluded itself from every regional and international conference and has instead embarked on a campaign of incriminations and accusations. Hence, because of its obstinacy to show any sign of goodwill to change its ways and because it gave a deaf ear to the Resolution, IGAD has asked the UN Security Council for a full implementation of the Resolution no. 1907 with an additional economic sanction which consists of the following: 



  1. Sanction on the mining companies that are helping the regime to increase its revenues by filling up its coffers.
  2. Freezing of the regime’s source of income that is obtained through the 2% tax from the Diaspora which helps to revitalize it.  


IGAD has come up with ample proof of the increased moral and financial support of the PFDJ dictatorial regime given to the Somali terrorist group known as Al-Shabab and this because the regime is unwilling to stop its continued anti-peace and anti-stability activities in the Horn.


Furthermore, IGAD is convinced that the regime has no desire to implement the agreement reached with Djibouti after the war with that country, and that it is all the more continuing with much zeal its terrorist activities against Ethiopia.


In this regard, the ENCDC having, in its second regular meeting, called for the strict application of the Resolution no. 1907, endorses IGAD’s demand for further sanction on the PFDJ’s dictatorial regime. However, although the previous sanction and the economic one which is being demanded are based on the regime’s bellicose policies, it did not have the desired effect to date. Hence, the ENCDC calls on the UN Security Council to consider the IGAD’s demand for further economic sanction and for its strict application.


In connection with this, ENCDC would like IGAD or AU including UN Security Council to give due attention to the plight of the Eritrean people. Eritreans are a people of the Horn and members of the world community who hanker after peace and stability. Nevertheless, due to the dictatorial regime in the country, it is clear to anyone that the people are suffering bereft of their human and democratic rights. Hence, ENCDC feels that the world community has a moral duty to help Eritreans, who are part of that community, to enjoy peace, democracy and justice. Thus, the ENCDC feels that the sanction which is expected to be imposed on the PFDJ’s dictatorial regime should not confine itself to the regime’s regional bellicosity only, but considering the injustices perpetrated by the regime on its own people, it should be applied is such a way that it helps for the establishment of a democratic and just system of government in Eritrea. 



Success to the National Conference!!

Glory to our Valiant Martyrs!!

Down with Dictatorship and Long Live Justice!!



News and Information Committee

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

July 25, 2011



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