The Government and the People of Ethiopia’s Praiseworthy Policies Regarding the People of Eritrea

Although Eritreans have fought for thirty years a bitter war to liberate their country with much sacrifice, what they got as a reward was a fall into a new political and economic situation that is worse than of the colonizers. As a result, it has become clear that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and especially the youth, who are supposed to take over the running of the country and are the new forces for change,  have been forced to leave the land for freedom of whom the largest part has taken refuge in Ethiopian refugee camps.


Hence the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC) would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the government and the people of Ethiopia, who, based on the situation on the ground, have, in their willingness to stand by the people of Eritrea, not only helped the fleeing Eritreans with hospitality, but are doing all they can to help them in many practical ways.


Some of the Ethiopian government’s policies regarding Eritrean refugees are to allow them to come out of their camps and like any Ethiopian live and work in the country. In this regard, the government has last year helped more than 300 of those who have, following the PFDJ open-ended agenda of military recruitment and slavery, lost their chance of pursuing their education and have been obliged to live in camps, to get free university education.


It is predicted that next year the number will climb to 700 and at this juncture the ENCDC hopes that this being a praiseworthy policy, the number will even reach a higher level.


It is to be noted at this point that the government of Ethiopia, aware of the fact that Eritreans are meeting with various problems in the camps, has been making much effort in helping them to resettle in third countries. The government has also repeatedly ascertained that it will handle the program in an even more enhanced manner.  Such efforts go to show the government of Ethiopia’s positive stand regarding the people of Eritrea and its brotherly help in times of need.


The government of Ethiopia has even now reiterated its promise to help as much as it can in the struggle to speed up the democratic change in Eritrea which is intended to do away with the PFDJ dictatorial regime in particular, and in the multi-faceted efforts made by the ENCDC for the success of the wider national conference in general.


The ENCDC conveys its lofty praise to the government of Ethiopia for standing by the people of Eritrea during their plight through its policy intended to restore the relationship of the two peoples. The ENCDC would like to take this opportunity to affirm its continued efforts made to realize an everlasting relationship between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia and expresses its gratitude on behalf of the people of Eritrea, the Eritrean refugees and the students.



Success to the National Conference!!

Glory to our Valiant Martyrs!!

Down with Dictatorship and Long Live Justice!!



News and Information Committee

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

July 25, 2011

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