“Golden Jubilee” – Awate: the man some strive to discredit… but they fail

On this day, we remember our noble martyrs, women and men

Who fought bravely although knowing death was certain!

Today, we remember their supreme sacrifices that created our entity

Their struggle and martyrdom for our independence and identity

They wrote with their blood Eritrean history with magnanimity

To be free and build a nation based on rule of law and equality

Traitors threw themselves at the emperor’s feet for servility

Kissed his shoes & sold Eritrea to mum Ethiopia with humility

We fought for thirty years because of their egoism & imbecility

Still we are suffering from the inheritors of chauvinism & falsity

Awate, the brave man who declared the path to our liberty

Chose to challenge oppression, fight for freedom and dignity

The martyr was a great man, reflected in his indomitability

The hero was brave, his heroism manifested in his audacity

The father of Eritrean revolution & armed struggle in our history

Embarked into the road of freedom to lead Eritrea to final victory

He was a simple man…his strength demonstrated in his simplicity

He was tactful and wise respected by all because of his intrepidity

Walked his talk and led the battles to victory without ambiguity

He struggled to create Eritrean Independence and sovereignty

He was a leader who led by example with courage and ingenuity

It’s incontrovertible to admire our icon with such noble personality

Trying to discredit and ignore Awate sacrifices are false & vanity

He was visionary who saw “Eritrean Independence” as a certainty

He was charismatic and loved by all, without much ado with sincerity

Truth will prevail when Eritrea will be freed from disgrace & banditry

Awate loved Eritrea and Eritrea loves this patriot forever for posterity

They are two in one, in unison synchronized and linked for eternity

Striving for the majority rule that fully protects the rights of minority

Justice, equality & rule of law as cornerstone of our national authority

Our spirit of Awatism, Eritreanism and Nationalism will not us fail

United we stand and succeed …divided we fall and live in despair

Let us celebrate our “Golden Jubilee” and free Eritrea without fanfare

Follow the path of Awate to struggle, so our pride & freedom we obtain

No matter how long the night of tyranny, dawn is sure to come again

Let us fight united now, to eradicate oppression without any bargain

Awate is our man who led us to pride, freedom, dignity and liberation

It is unjust to be discredited by the inheritors of stigmatic submission

He is our hero and national symbol and as such in history will remain

Traitors & chauvinists will disappear and Eritrea soon its freedom will regain





GOLDEN JUBILEE (September 01, 1961 – September 01, 2011)




Prepared by: Mohamed Aamer     


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1 Comment for ““Golden Jubilee” – Awate: the man some strive to discredit… but they fail”

  1. Hamed idris awate is hero and the father of the

    eritrean revolion I have a rescpect of this man.

    I was a member of E-L-F from 1970 until 1979.our

    organizition was fighting not only for fredom but

    for equality end democratie for eritrean people.

    long live E-l-f .

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