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 The Executive Committee (EC) of the Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF) successfully carried out its 6th session from 1st until the 4th of August 2011. Having held its meeting on the eve of the annual session of the Central Council of the organization, one of the main tasks of the EC was studying and evaluating the reports presented by its departments to be submitted at the meeting of the Council. Based on that, it assessed the performance of the organization during the interim period and sorted out its strengths and weaknesses.


While in session, the EC not only significantly noted that its meeting was being held on the eve of the upcoming national congress of the Eritrean opposition for democratic change, but also amid growing and popular movements of the peoples in North Africa and the Middle East for democracy and social justice against their countries long entrenched dictatorial regimes from which some lessons could be learnt in our fight against the rogue regime in Eritrea. Accordingly, it explored the course of events and developments of the people’s upheaval that has overwhelmed the North African and Middle Eastern countries and studied how they fit with our situation inEritreaby sorting out their similarities and differences. Having then identified the political and social forces that could be allied against the regime, it charted the most probable and possible ways and means of finally bringing its downfall as soon as possible.


No less important, the EC evaluated the progress of the upcoming National Congress for Democratic Change and noted that the role played since the beginning by members of the organization at all levels was found to be up to expectations. True to its principle, the EC once again reiterated its position that the congress should be convened on schedule on the 22nd of October 2011.


The EC lauded and commended the Commission of the Congress for Democratic Change for having put considerable efforts during the past year in preparing the congress despite facing overwhelming odds, and equally expressed its satisfaction to have learned that it has now concluded all necessary preparations way ahead of time.


Unfortunately, the EC regretted to have known that some groups have been trying to bring about an unjustified postponement of the congress, despite repeated assurances by the autonomous commission that all preparations have been made to convene the congress on schedule, and against an increasingly growing support of the Eritrean masses in Diaspora for the congress, whose magnitude has never been seen in the 20 year history of our struggle against the regime in Eritrea. In view of the circumstances, the EC expressed its position in the strongest terms possible that it will not be hold responsible for any postponement of the congress which will have far-reaching consequences by reversing the popular support the opposition has gained against the regime back to square on.


In conclusion, the EC called upon all political organizations, social forces, civic organization, independent opposition elements…etc to contribute their role not only in ensuring the congress held on schedule, but is also successfully concluded, which is the only way we hope of maintaining the rising momentum of the people for the opposition.


The Executive Committee

Eritrean National Salvation Front

4 October 2011



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