Statement from the Eritrean Popular Resistance

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Statement from the Eritrean Popular Resistance

The Eritrean Popular Resistance, following its first operations and activities conducted in the first of October that were carried out by its resistance forces against the dictatorial regime in Eritrea, once again executed new political activities. The resistance policy based on the internal mobilization of Eritrean populace to rebel against the despotic regime in Eritrea, succeeded in distributing leaflets that carried slogans calling for downfall and overthrow of the terrorist regime of DIA in various Eritrean cities. The leaflets distribution occurred in a number of districts in the city of Tessenei, in the 5th day of the current month of October.

The Eritrean Popular Resistance calls upon all honest and noble Eritreans, wherever they are inside Eritrea, to cooperate and deliver the message and be the voice of the popular resistance to all conscientious Eritreans in the country. The oppressed Eritrean people are struggling to be liberated from the clutches of the tyrant and his diehard sycophant supporters whose insults, indignity and disregard against the Eritrean people overflew and exceeded all limits in addition to the recklessness to their sacred believes land and property.
We would like to confirm that the popular resistance succeeded to remove from our children, the causes of fear from the apparatus of the regime, who became active fighters and joined the resistance to be part of the struggle of the Eritrean Popular Resistance. The role of our youth inside Eritrea is represented in their boldness and courage on the distribution of our publications, which carries an expression which read: (Downfall to Isaias terrorist regime)) in the following areas of the city of Tessenei.

1. In “Althawra” neighborhood in the west and northwest of the city.
2. In “Meskerem” neighborhood in the west and south west of the city.
3. In the Public market
4. Publication were distributed in front of Hotels Costina and Luna

We promise our people that our challenge and confrontation against this corrupt oligarchy and its lackeys and their ruffians will escalate according to the planned approach and tactical military operations of the Eritrean Popular Resistance until the downfall of the despotic regime of DIA.

The Eritrean Popular Resistance

October 2011

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