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Clarification on my articles

   By Fesseha Nair

We, Eritreans have always had critical thinking deficit and a long tradition of connecting an individuals rights to express his own ideas and observation with his/ her political organization.


It is true that , I am a federalist republican and a student of federal school. I was one of the founders of the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement and member of the executive committee.


I have been writing critical articles on federal democracy before the foundation of the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement and still continue writing what I think is right. This is my own right as all others have it. Minds that muddle with uncritical accepted ideas never grasp the truths around them. I believe in minds that grasp reality with critical thinking and imagination.


Recently, I have written two articles on “ National Dialogue” its conception and modalities and later on the Eritrean national dialogues lessons learned and their failure in relation to other national dialogues in African countries.


All my articles express my own observations and my own studies based on my readings on the Eritrean and international scholarly studies.

Many Eritreans, especially those who are now going to participate in the coming congress are connecting my own ideas with the EFDM( Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement) but this confusion coming from confused minds of the pseudo- intellectual groups against free-thinking.


I myself have worked and written on the importance of conferences since 2002 by organizing seminars and conferences inviting Eritrean Scholars like prof. Tesfatsion Medhanie and many others. I am proud on what I have done in the past 10 years of democratization inEritrea. This time is time of Enlightenment and time of free thinking. Are you for free thinking or living in the tradition of no free thinking?


Finally, I would like to clarify my readers that all the views expressed on the two previous articles are my own and do not reflect the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement.


Thank you for your feedback!!!

Fesseha Nair/ federalist





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