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By: Omer M Saleh

Can you imagine the unity of thought and feeling and behavior of the community away from the natural mechanisms of fusion of its components.. Or in isolation from his attributes and qualities and motives, which are shared social, cultural and ethical lines similar?? .. Both

The promotion of the values of unity in a society does not arise only through the combined will of living and its meeting on the foundations and the foundations of ethical, cultural, political, organizational structure established to protect and strengthen foundations subjective and objective…

Therefore, we believe that the features of cohesion and mobility features hard Altver free compatibility and features a decent living application of the rules of partnership and co-continuous.

Mechanisms of National Unity:

Unit of religious values: Is it rational to unite the religious values of a society in which the entity Muslim and Christian walk, each in a line parallel to another? .. None ..!! We can do it …….

why ?… This is because of religious values in common space and pools their moral and consolidated their positions in the side of behavioral…

However, the absence of the manifestation of ethical behavior to the monotheistic religions was the main reason behind the disappearance of unity and consensus behavioral … And then we go here to illustrate this gap by reading this summary, which clearly reveals the port that has become a sneak him the appearance of unity and social harmony, And then to the fore today as distinctive social feature of the relationship of the Muslim and Christian entities.. But the difference between them on the point of belief and worship are imposed and there is disagreement in the side of morality, It is unacceptable because it contradicts the logic of reason and reality, however, it has become such a controversy Eetmzar Unfortunately the general behavior of society is impossible reality embodied in our ignorance of the realities of the relationship and maxims, Which requires us to address the immediate can not be postponed access to the mechanisms of ideological and organizational unite our vision and our practice of moral values. That it was essential to recognize that we have only the properties of the general social mobility and components to derive psychological stability and organized by the intellectual and behavioral background of religious values intended for the general construction of individual and collective, The only way to real unity we can agree on the essence of these values and social values is increasingly becoming the most powerful influence on the process of national unity ..

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