Our national unity, under the regime of Isaias

  • where is it heading

National Conference for Democratic Change:

  • Can it deliver a strategy to deal with the challenges facing our unity and guarantee safe transfer of power and amicable coexistence in post-PFDJ Eritrea?

The Eritrean Covenant document ( The Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar)

  • Is it just another publicity gimmick in the net? or an elite group expression on behalf of their communities about the gross injustice and persecution taking place in Eritrea?

Ethnicity, Region, and Religion based opposition grouping

  • What are the real causes?

Nightmares over power vacuum eventuality before the nation is prepared

  • What if Isaias’ regime falls apart today?
  • What are the likely scenarios?  Is it likely that Eritrea will  become another Somalia
  • What can be done to ensure safe transfer of power while maintaining our unity intact?

How do you describe the regime in Asmara?

  • Is it a dictatorial regime?
  • A sectarian regime?
  • A combination of both?
  • Or neither of both?

All these and other topics arising from the audience will be put for open discussion that we believe might foster understanding and develop a national bondage in a real sense with the aim of promoting the concept of equal citizenship regardless of an individual’s political affiliation, ethnicity, belief or the geographic region a citizen comes from.


  • Mr  Omar Jaber
  • Mr Fesseha Nair

Date: Friday, 9th April 2010

Time: 9.00 p.m. London time.

Location: ‘Eritrea For All Eritreans’ Room at Paltak

Short URL: https://english.farajat.net/?p=604

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