Mass Killings of Eritreans in Sinai

This is a summary translation of the video posted in the front page of asmarino, “A mass grave for the Africans – at the mountains of Sinai”



Saturday, 29 October 2011 18:24 ICER

This is a summary translation of the video posted in the front page of asmarino, “A mass grave for the Africans – at the mountains of Sinai”

This video contains very strong graphic images, not suitable for children and those of you who can’t bear such things, yet this is evidence of the atrocities committed upon our brothers and sisters in Sinai where so far the authorities in the country (in the 21st century) fail to stop it or seem indifferent. WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE PEA…CE OF MIND UNLESS THEY BRING THE PERPETRATORS TO JUSTICE OR BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

This part starts with the graves of 4 Africans dug and the corpses are closely investigated. The reporter says these are gross violations of human rights. No human being can do this. The corpses are opened on the sides where the organs have been taken. The place is close to Nekhil in Sinai. One is so fresh that his T-shirt can be seen clearly. The corpses are tied at the arms and feet. One of them has a tight rope around his neck. One of the Bedouins thinks he has been hanged as his tongue is protruding, he suggests.

The reporter states that this place is dangerous and there is almost war between the two tribes that the other one can come and attack us. On the hill tops the place is guarded by armed Bedouins. Just 500 meters from the graves is the place where Suleiman, the suspected criminal used to stay. There are remains of food and medicines including glucose for intravenous use. One of the Bedouins exclaims no human, Muslim or Christian can accept this deed. He claims that Suleiman Abdallah Suleiman has two female relatives who work as nurses in Nikhil Hospital and that they are the ones who supply the anesthesia and the medicines. He shows a medicine packet and says this is from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and then the camera moves to a nearby place where the refugees stayed. There lie many identity cards mainly for Eritreans and some Sudanese. Some were refugee cards issued in Egypt and Sudan. There is also a family picture, map of Sudan apparently taken from a book, many writings in Tigrinya. One of the Ids belonged to a person called Teame. There are also syringes, remains of tomato cans, beans, onions, remains of shoes, female hand bags,… On the wall there are writings in Tigrinya like, ‘Fitsum Tesenei – wedi shashu’, Almaaz, We trust on God (in English), This is going to pass.

The reporter later meets one of the chiefs of the Al Tihi tribe, Mubarek Al Tihi, who explains they were shocked when the discovered this. He also said they found some Africans in the desert and handed them to the authorities. He said when they discovered the graves they first negotiated with other tribes on what to do, apparently with the Nikhlia family to which Suleiman belonged. This did not result in any solution and so they informed the security about this. He was more diplomatic than the others and said this crime happened in the place of Suleiman. We do not know if he did it or not, Only God knows the truth. The chief noted that only Suleiman knows how they came and what happened to them. Anyone interested in the truth should find him. He said he was recalled by the Secretary of the Governor and was blamed to have caused the forceful removal of the Nekhlia tribe from the area which he denied. He was asked by the reporter if anyone from the authorities has seen the place.

He said he heard that one of the tribal chiefs was here with the military and probably they wrote a report. The reporter concludes part II by saying we would like to know what the authorities did. Part III, the last one will be aired today at 22:30 Central European time (Egyptian time).

Source : Asmarino

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