Five out of Eight Eritrean Refugees Kidnapped by an Unknown Group from Shegerab

Refugee Camp Survived

Monday, 12 April 2010 10:03

On April 9, 2010, at midnight, an unknown group entered Shegerab refugee camp in Eastern Sudan and kidnapped eight Eritrean refugees, the EPDP sources reported.

The kidnappers entered a makeshift canvas of fourteen Eritrean refugees, beat everyone and forced eight of them out, where they threw them into a back of a Toyota pickup truck and drove away towards the Eritrean border. The rest were able to get away from the kidnappers and ran for safety.

A short drive away, six of the kidnap victims jumped off their kidnapper’s speeding vehicle and were able to rescue themselves, sustaining major and minor injuries. Mr. Abdella Ibrahim, who jumped off with the rest of the group, was later pronounced dead due to the injury he sustained. Those who sustained major injuries are now receiving medical care in Girba hospital. The fate of the two is still unknown.

As soon as the kidnapping unfolded in the refugee camp, Sudanese security forces began trailing the kidnappers but could not apprehend them. Sudanese security forces are investigating the case.

Located close to the Eritrean border, Shegerab refugee camp has been the target of kidnappings, bombings, and shooting by unknown groups in recent years, which resulted in the death of scores of Eritrean refugees, including children. Last year, unknown group of people set fire to the same refugee camp and burned down refugee makeshifts shelters, small stores, and properties. Even though it is unclear, who the perpetrators of this kidnapping are, the security forces of the government of Isayas Afeworki are widely believed to have committed this crime. In the past, the government of Isayas and other armed bandits has kidnapped scores of Eritrean refugees from Shegerab refugee camp.

The following is the list of names who survived the kidnapping, with heavy and light injuries. All of them had fled from Senafe town in Eritrea. Senafe town is located in the Southern Region of Eritrea.

1.      Abdella Ibrahim (dead)

2.      Mihreteab T/Slassie

3.      Hana Abdella Ismael

4.      Kibrom Tesfaldet

5.      Kahsai Tekie

6. Mebrahetu Kidane

Department of Information and Culture
Eritrean People’s Democratic Party
April 10, 2010

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