Code of honor (May 24-EYM)

May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement (Egypt)
The “youth” are the main assets and tools for change in any society; moreover, they can be considered to be the most important of all, and Eritrea is not an exception. Its youth exerted their utmost efforts to emancipate Eritrea from all forms of occupation and subjugation, until Eritrean independence was accomplished on the 24th of May 1991, after long thirty years of heroic struggle and determination. The noble freedom fighters shed their immaculate blood to liberate and free Eritrea and declared the war for independence on September 1st 1961, under the leadership of martyr and hero “Hamid Idris Awate”, the father of the Eritrean armed struggle for independence and liberation.


However, the Eritrean independence was tainted by a lot of drawbacks and inadequacies because it lacked essence and legality and became distorted. The liberation of Eritrean land from occupiers is not enough if it isn’t crowned with rule of law and liable to provide means of decent living to its people; because the blood of our fathers was not shed to perpetuate injustice, tyranny and exclusion of the majority of Eritrean people and their humiliation. Eritrea which is controlled and hijacked by one person is not the one we hoped and expected to have after all the sacrifices we paid to achieve our independence. Our people deserve to enjoy a decent life in their state of justice, freedom and dignity and we in the May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement claim our belief towards our nation and people and pledge that we do not accept anything except our full rights of a democratic and civilian state.


  The May 24 – Eritrean Youth movement is an Eritrean “youth” movement working to fight injustice, oppression and tyranny and to establish and enable the principles of justice, freedom and stability in Eritrea, by peaceful means.
* Our objectives and demands:


  1. Release of all detainees (prisoners of conscience)
  2.  Establish a state of justice and exercise of public freedoms.
  3.  Resolve the issues of Eritrean refugees.
  4.  Legislate or enact a constitution that represents the aspirations of the Eritrean people   and emanates from them.

** Means:


1. To conduct demonstrations and protests.
2. Expose the injustice and tyranny in Eritrea through the various mass media outlets and                  various publications.  
3. Coordination with all Eritrean youth movements, organizations and democratic civic                     societies.
4. Motivate the humanitarian and human rights organizations to deal with all the Eritrean issues.
5. Prompt the Eritrean regime for the application of its international commitments on human             rights issues.



*** Observations:

1. This “charter” represents the common and basic principles, common to all those who believe in the May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement everywhere and in any country in the world. Its implementation to remain subject to the situation and country, the style and manner can vary depending on each group and its situational needs and reality.
2. Each country to have a coordinator that represents the region and be able to coordinate between the countries in matters pertaining to the movement.


May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement (Egypt)



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