Report by Delegation of May 24 Movement to refugees’ centers in Aswan (Egypt)

A delegation of May 24-Eritrean Youth Movement (Egypt) visited Eritrean refugees detained in Aswan-waterfall and Wadi-Araba second section centers.

Aswan visit report …
A delegation from the May 24-Eritrean Youth Movement (Egypt) visited the central security camp in Aswan waterfall center and Wadi Araba (second section) center (one thousand kilometers south of Cairo) to provide some of the basic necessities requested by the Eritrean refugees detained there. The visit was conducted from December 18 to December 22, 2011.
First: The May 24 delegation met with the refugees 24 hours before their deportation to Ethiopia, who arrived at the Cairo airport from where to be deported to Ethiopia, and they were composed of:

–          26 young people

–          23 women

–          5 children

The rest will be deported later and we will provide you with more details when available.

Second: The delegation brought aid to the refugees detained in the central security camp Aswan-waterfall and Wadi Araba (second section) centers. The aid donated by Eritreans represented items such as clothing, cleaning materials and cash to 199 young men, 28 women and 6 children, two of them younger than 20 days and to 44 young men and one lady who are registered for deportation to Ethiopia.
 Third: The detainees in Kmumbo:

The delegation was not able to obtain visit permissions due to the Egyptian parliamentary elections, in addition to the unstable security situation in the region because of the tribal conflicts there. The aid to this region will be delivered later, through human rights organizations working and active there.
 All of the detainees who were met by the delegation unanimously agreed and emphasized the deteriorating humanitarian situation and human rights abuses in Eritrea which makes unbearable and unacceptable for them to return to Eritrea.
The refugees sent messages to their brothers and family members around the world, which we will post them in the near future.
Fourth: The detainees present in Kmumbo, live 22 young people in one room with the bathroom inside the room; thus, living in horrendous life and health conditions.
In this regard, the May 24 Movement thanks all those Eritreans who cooperated with us and we would like to confirm that their cooperation was essential and useful because it greatly contributed to the relieve of the sufferings of the refugees who have the right to get our help and support and not to abandoned by us face their fate in this inhuman situation.

The delegation were informed that 30 women and 5 children from the Eritreans detained in the refugees’ camp of the central security camp in Aswan-waterfall, who asked to be deported to Ethiopia, arrived on Tuesday, December 21, 2011 to Cairo and then will be deported to Ethiopia; then will remain approximately the 5 women and 125 men who will be deported later this month. The May 24 Movement is delighted to announce this news, which was the outcome  of a joint effort with organizations and Eritrean institutions around the world that have worked together to urge the Egyptian authorities not to deport those Eritrean refugees to Eritrea, so as to avoid the repression that awaits them that if deported. Moreover, the Movement thanks all those who cooperated with the statements and calls made lately and dealt with them seriously and with the necessary speed and urgency needed.
In the meantime, we can say that the collective Eritrean actions achieved a considerable positive result for this case. We call upon everyone to cooperate to complete the rest of the intractable issues of Eritrean refugees in Egypt.
Our grateful thanks to all people who provided considerable efforts in this regard and we would like to mention some of them:
1. Eritrean Arabic Dialogue Room – Paltalk                                                                                    2. Eritreans For Action – Page
3. Hisham Mubarak Center – for Law.
4.  Eritrean Youth Movement for Change – Switzerland

All the rest who we do not know that participated and contributed positively to the Eritrean refugees’ case.
Please accept all our love, respect and appreciation.



May 24-Eritrean Youth Movement (Egypt)



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