Melbourne Rally 2012: Preparation is in Full Swing to Face PFDJ-Festival

As it is customary, the Melbourne Rally Organising Committee is once again ready to peacefully rally against the annual Eritrean regime ‘so called’ cultural festival. We reassure Eritrean democrats who are fighting to achieve peace and justice in Eritrea that we will do whatever we can to make our voices heard on behalf of the voiceless and oppressed people of Eritrea.

We remind PFDJ’s sympathisers and supporters to stop rewarding the dictatorial regime which is oppressing the Eritrean people day in day out. We renew our call to those who are silent to be vocal; to those who are planning to participate in the Festival, we urge you to think again and reverse your decision. We call upon all decent Eritreans to support our peaceful rally, demanding respect for human rights and the establishment of the rule of law in Eritrea. To those who are undecided, we encourage you to take a bold step and join our peaceful rally, because demanding justice for ALL Eritreans is a noble thing to do.

As usual, we ask some legitimate questions that occupy the minds of caring and decent Eritreans:

1. Does the Eritrean regime really care about its people?
2. Does the Eritrean regime really take concrete measures to alleviate or, at least, to reduce the suffering of its people?
3. Does the Eritrean regime really believe in justice, which we outside the festival venue are calling for?
4. The ruling party in Eritrea is named People’s Front for Democracy and Justice. Does this party really understand the great ideals this name hold? Definitely NOT! In fact, the appropriate name for the ruling party is Popular Front for Dictatorship & Jailing.
5. Is war/conflict the right approach to resolve the everlasting tension between Eritrea and our neighbouring countries?
6. Does the Eritrean regime really know why the youth are escaping to neighbouring countries in droves? What actions has the Eritrean regime taken to address the youth’s concerns?
7. Why Eritrea has no a representative legitimate parliament elected by the people?
8. why the Eritrean constitution is shelved indefinitely?

We remind our Eritrean compatriots who preferred to remain silent and those who are planning to be part of the festival to contemplate about those important issues and search truth answers to those questions. We remind you the progress and development programs that you watch on ERI-TV are mere propagandas utterly in contradictions to the bitter reality and dire situation inside Eritrea. Eritrea would have been a better country had it been ruled by the rule of law.

Enough is enough, fight for the people’s rights.
Yes to democracy, No to dictatorship
Yes for the rule of law
Justice for prisoners of Conscience, Political prisoners and Journalists
No to interference in religion affairs, and justice for our religion teachers and leaders
Respect for the elderly and cultural norms
people’s Power will remove the dictatorial regime in Eritrea

Melbourne Rally Organising Committee
2 January 2012

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