Eritrean Youth Call for Friday Protests Inside the Country

January 31, 2012

Eritrean youth across the globe are calling their counterparts inside the country to demonstrate their outrage at the human and democratic rights abuses by emptying the streets in towns and cities throughout the country every Friday evening starting Friday 3rd of February. The call that has been transmitted through electronic communication and social media has so far been received positively by Eritreans inside the country.


In solidarity with the initiative all independent Eritrean media outlets will broadcast solidarity messages as well as announcements for the evening of protest.

The event is anticipated to send strong messages of outrage against the injustice in the country as well as demonstrate the solidarity across forces fighting for democracy and justice.


Eritreans inside the country live under one of the most brutal regimes in the world today. The regime prohibits its nationals from exercising their basic human and democratic rights, and is intolerant to any form of freedom of expression.


Calling on the Eritrean public to support this event a statement from Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change said: “This is a unique opportunity for every Eritrean to show their support for democratic change in the country, EYSC calls on all Eritreans outside the country to contact their friends and relatives inside the country and encourage them to empty the streets and demonstrate to PFDJ that it is high time things changed for the better in Eritrea.”


 Notes for the editor

  1. PFDJ isEritrea’s ruling party and the only legal party in the country
  2. The regime inEritrea has been criticized by numerous human rights organizations owing to its appalling records of human rights abuse.Eritreais one of the worst abusers of freedom of press in the world today and the religious freedom violations in the country have also been a cause for grave concern to the international community
  3. Eritrea’s indefinite National Service has been highlighted as illegal and unjust
  4. Many Eritrean young people flee the country to escape the National service and all the other human rights abuses.Eritreais one of the top refugee producing nations in the world today.
  5. Eritrea youth fleeing the country are faced by numerous obstacles including the government’s ‘shoot to kill ‘ policy for those caught. They also fall pray of unscrupulous people smugglers and traffickers, including those who are involved in illegal organ harvesting
  6. Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC) is a Diaspora based global youth movement, fighting for democracy and justice in the country.



Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC)





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