Press Statement: The Coordinating Committee of ENDF Calls For Restraint between Eritrea and Ethiopia



القوى الوطنية الديمقراطية الارترية

ወሃሃዲ ሽማግለ

ሃገራዊ ዲሞክራስያዊ ሓይልታት







Coordinating Committee

Eritrean National Democratic Forces (ENDF)





Press Statement:

The Coordinating Committee of ENDF Calls

For Restraint between Eritrea and Ethiopia


We recall with sadness the deadly incident of 17 January 2012 in the Afar region in northern Ethiopia and wish to convey condolences and sympathies from us in the Coordination Committee of Eritrean National Democratic Forces in solidarity with the bereaved families of the deceased, who include five Europeans. We also note with deep concern the exchange of accusations and counter accusations between the armed Afar groups allied to both governments in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

As a pro-Democracy network committed to the advocacy and promotion of Human Rights, Democracy and Peaceful Resolution of conflicts, the Coordinating Committee of Eritrean National Democratic Forces (CC-ENDF) would like to assert the following:-

  1. We deeply regret and condemn the killing of innocent and non-combatant civilians.  We also strongly call for restraint and we firmly stand against the use of this sad incident to launch an aggression or try to score political and diplomatic gains by the conflicting parties concerned. Without condoning the belligerent behaviour of the regime in Asmara, we believe igniting yet another war between Eritrea and Ethiopia does not serve the best interests of the peoples of the region who do not wish for sure another resort to bloody hostilities.
  2. Instead of the ongoing sabre-rattling, we anticipate sanity to prevail and call on the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments, and the governments of the European nationals killed and those still missing, to immediately set up a commission to investigate the matter and hold to account the party or parties responsible for the tragic loss of innocent human lives.
  3. Likewise, we call on the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia to immediately cease the arming as well as the provision of any form of assistance to armed opposition groups of each side to resort to violence as this is increasingly undermining any chances for peace and security in the volatile border areas between the two countries.
  4. The peoples of the two countries are in dire need to eradicate poverty, starvation and the threat of famine. This yearning can only be realised under peace and security, and not under the current no-war-no-peace situation or the constant threat of war between our neighbouring countries. In particular, Ethiopia is urged to abide by the final and binding ruling of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Commission and agree without pre-conditions for the demarcation of the border between the two countries.


The Coordination Committee,

Eritrean National Democratic Forces (ENDF)

15 February 2012

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