Eritrean Youth for Change (EYC)-Bay Area and Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC)-North America Unite to Form a Stronger Organization

OAKLAND, CA February 25, 2012 – EYC Bay Area, California and EYSC North America announced today that they have successfully concluded the unification agreement of both groups. Both groups are at the forefront of promoting democracy and rule of law in Eritrea, and this unification allows the formation of a stronger and more formidable youth-led grassroots organization in North America and beyond.


About EYC-Bay Area, California

EYC is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan civic organization founded over three years ago by Eritreans residing in the Bay Area. It aims to utilize all legitimate and peaceful measures of public empowerment and awareness to support and advocate for constitutionalism governance in Eritrea. In addition, EYC provides the necessary support and advocates on behalf of Eritrean immigrants especially those who have recently immigrated to the United States and more specifically to the Bay Area. 


About EYSC-North America

EYSC began operations approximately one year ago. Using social media, EYSC has quickly built an extensive network of pro-democracy young Eritreans from all over the world.  EYSC-NA was established in August of 2011.  To further it’s goals EYSC has assembled branches in Los Angels, CA and Houston, TX and is now in the process of establishing more branches in the Midwest and the tri-states area of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  EYSC-NA recently announced a campaign known as “Freedom Friday” where volunteers make phone calls to Eritrea and remind the public to stand up against the dictatorship. 


United We Stand

Over the past few months, EYC and EYSC-NA have been exploring ways of working together and coordinating their efforts with the aim of becoming more efficient and effective.  They recognize that this unification is necessary not only to capitalize on resources but also to serve of our people. The two organizations have a common vision and ultimately, it was decided that a stronger unified organization is better able to leverage change more successfully in a more purposeful and strategic direction.  An Interim Board comprising of board members from both organizations has been established.   They will work with other youth organizations in North America and other parts of the world to unite the Eritrean youth in the Diaspora communities.


The Way forward

In the next few months EYC-EYSC will continue to focus on online and offline mass mobilization, lobbying the world community to pressure the Eritrean regime, and call on the Eritrean people inside the country to rise up and demand change. The group is also interested in working with other organizations worldwide that share the same mission.  EYC-EYSC along with other youth organizations will soon conduct a Youth Conference that will unequivocally demonstrate that the young generation can led the effort in changing the current status of dictatorship to constitutional governance and rule of law.


Thank you

In a joint statement, EYC-EYSC stated, “We believe this is an important step toward freeing our country from the grips of a one-man dictatorship. We are grateful for the continued support, wise advice and goodwill we have received from individuals and esteemed organizations. Thank you for making our progress possible.”



EYC-EYSC North America

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