Activity Report From Sweden- Stockholm

By Eritrean- Swedish Partnership for Democracy

The Eritrean – Swedish Partnership for democracy consisting of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance and civil society organizations in Stockholm have been lobbying the Swedish National parties, government and parliament since 2001. One of the main activities is influencing the parties to stand with the Eritrean people suffering at this time under a brutal regime and stop all activities that support the regime in Sweden.

The Eritrean- Swedish partnership for democracy has establisehd an association affiliated with the Social Democratic Party. This association is a part of the social democratic party working for the party’s objectives and principles and the same time draw attention to the case of Eritrea.

On 17th and 18th April 2010 an annual party congress was held in Stockholm and the Eritrean Social Democratic association members attended at the congress. Those who attended were:

  1. Fesseha Nair- Associations ombud
  2. Arhe Hamednaca- Social democratic party – stockholm – Parliament candidate at the 4th position ( Our next coming Member Parilament)
  3. Alazar Hagos: member in the Associatio and Election program leader.

Eritrean case was raised as one of the crucial issues of the international issues in the meeting.

After many deliberations the congress has taken and stated its stand as mentioned below.

Translated from the original Swedish Langauge/ See associated file below.

Statement from Stockholm’s Social democratic party regarding the UN Security Council’s Sanctions resolutions on Eritrea

On December 23, 2009 United Nations Security Council has passed  sanction’s resolution against Eritrea. A sanction was directed against the regime not againt the people and Eritrea’s territorial integrity The Sanction includes among others vapen embargo, travel ban for political leaders and military officers to all member states of the United nations, and freezening of all financial assets and business firms belonging or are an extension to the ruling party. All activities that are used as financing resources to the ruling party in Eritrea must be forbidden.

The conditions in the Eritrean prisons are inhumane since many years, there exists regularly torture and physical abuses of prisoners. For example, prisoners are tied or crucified in painful methods, and stay long periods in a closed transport containers hot day time and cold during the night. Many of them are held in a secret prisons or security prisons in Asmara, in overcrowded cells without daylight, without ordinary access to food, water and sanitation. Access to medical treatment are almost nonavailbale and most of them die gradually.

It is an obvious fact that the silent diplomacy has not given result and now the presssure on the regime in Eritrea must be raised,

–          UN Sanction against the regime must now follows up and be implemented

–          Conscience and political prisoners like Dawit Isaak must be released

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