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A number of the major news agencies reported on 15 March 2012 that the Ethiopian armed forces carried out military raid in three different localities inside sovereign Eritrean territories.  Without any qualms, the Ethiopian government’s spokesperson, who announced to the international media concerning the gratuitous aggression, also added that more attacks may be carried out in the future.

 We in CDRiE unequivocally condemn this unprovoked and unjustified attack on Eritrean national sovereignty and call on the government of Ethiopia to immediately cease its threats of further escalation under any pretext. We urge instead both governments to seek peaceful and legal resolutions to their disagreements. 

The attack on Eritrea’s sovereign territory is a very dangerous development that could lead to fully fledged confrontation with likely devastating consequences on the lives of the peoples of both countries. This will also exacerbate the already volatile political situation in the region.

Eritrea and Ethiopia have yet to recover from the effects of the last vicious and senseless war which resulted in the death of nearly 100,000 people and many more maimed limbs. War is the last thing the peoples of the two countries need. Not only are the devastating effects of the last war still apparent, but its root and proximate causes still remain unresolved. Many, if not all, of the salient conflicts in the region are directly or indirectly related on the one hand, to the unresolved border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia and on the other, to the mutual suspicion and hatred between the leaderships of the two countries.

CDRiE calls on the international community, in particular the United Nations Security Council and the African Union to take immediate action to nip in the bud the fledgling violent conflict before it is too late. The international and regional communities should bring pressure to bear on Ethiopia to comply with the United Nations’ Charter and other principles of international Law.


Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea – CDRiE

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London 17.03.2012

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