Countdown for all inclusive and participative conference for democratic change?

By Fesseha Nair

The countdown is on for the upcoming national conference for democratic change. Preparatory activities are going well reports of the meetings with public in Germany and Holland and all other method of information via media are running effectively. As the preliminary diagnosis shows the upcoming conference will be more inclusive. The preparatory Committee is touring countries and meeting the Eritrean diaspora providing the real information, guidelines, procedures and proceedings by all modern communication methods.

All civil society organizations involved in the Eritrean case, individuals, religious leaders and many political organizations are embracing and giving their support that they will participate and make this conference successful.

The preparatory Committee is working hard by meeting the public explaining the importance and urgency of this conference. Contacts with international observers and the international media are in the move. The response of the Eritrean public is positive and supportive that this conference will come out with grand strategy and lay ground work for the forces working for fundamental changes or changes the whole Eritrean people belief in.

This conference will be a meeting place of all the Eritrean people where they share a common goal first to build an enduring peace among themselves based on freedom and later tackle the diverse challenges we face today inside and outside the opposition camp. The activities of the spoilers and fanatic imitators of democracy who use terror as their weapon must be exposed

The core meaning of the conference is “ Together” we need to renew and revitalize our democratic solidarity. We need to strengthen our national alliance as the core of a new national covenant or compact – a League of Democracies- that can harness the great power accommodating all the diversities in Eritrea to advance the struggle against all dictators of this time and those who are dreaming to dictate in the future, and advance the Eritrean people’s values and defend our shared interests.

At the heart of this new Covenant/ Compact must be mutual respect and trust. We Eritreans recall the words of our founders( Woldeab Woldemariam and Ibrahim Sultan) in the declaration of  Eritrea’s independence that they made a covenant that they will pay decent respect to the opinions of the lowland and highland people, Moslems and Christians. These words are our great power. Power does not mean you have all the wisdom and skills and do what you want.  But power means when people have trust on you. Let us pay decent respect to the opinions of our diversity this time.

We need to listen to the views and respect the collective will of our diversity.

The withdrawal of the EPDP( Eritrean People’s Democratic Party) from the conference is a welcome step, when they don’t’ feel as part of the organization and not take share of responsibility one is free to withdraw its membership from the Eritrean Democratic Alliance, because  the alliance is a free will membership. The Withdrawal of the EPDP must be given respect and why not the gate of the Alliance is open always they will join when they think the time is ripe for them.

The convening of national conference will continue as it is with its previous preparatory committee and it will be held on the assigned date. The preparatory Committee need the ongoing assessments to check progress and maintain focus on the preparations in all its activities. This can comprise keeping the work to agreed timeframes, ensuring that the delivery meets the expectations of the Eritrean people.

National conference will be a mechanism moving the opposition camp from

Current situation———————————Change in organisational structure—————————–  to new Vision.

Why do we need the conference? The need for the conference is because the old rules and norms of our working structures no longer solve the Eritrean people’s problems. Problems are mounting up and our people’s survival is on highest risk/ to be or not to be) We don’t know how deal with them separately. We need to come together.  This conference is a come together of the people. It can help us find clues how to deal with this problem. It is not about power sharing or majority or minority and it is not about showing that you have more budget or you have the skills and knowledge. It is about saving or survival of our people under the brutality of the murderer ruing party of  Isayas.

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