By Fesseha Nair
The Awasa Congress endorsed three documents:
1. National Charter
2. Organizational Constitution
3. Road Map
“ Any organization without written and agreed upon rules would be at the mercy of the majority’s whims”
These documents are the governing documents of the Eritrean National Council for democratic change/ ENCDC. It is these documents that brought the Umbrella organization ENCDC. It defines its purpose and specifies its powers and roles and limitations. The 127 man council must abide by the documents.
Any group from the National Council cannot position themselves as majority and have no right to change or override or neglect these documents. This is not because to protect the minority but to ensure the stability and continuity of the ENCDC.
In this article, I will try to explain, why the ENCDC need to abide by the documents.
THE ENCDC A Partner Organization
The ENCDC is an organization like any organization based on common agreed and written documents. An organization cannot reach its objectives unless it has agreed documents.
The ENCDC agreed documents ( National Charter, Organizational Constitution and Road map) are the legal documents that the other local bylaws or other governing documents cannot be adopted in conflict with these documents. Members of the ENCDC don’t simply put these documents away in a file or throw somewhere and forget that they exist. The ENCDC branch members in resident countries should abide by these documents their local governing documents must reflect the main documents endorsed by the congress in Awasa.

ENCDC local bylaws
The Eritrean National council for democratic change are spread in different regions of the world. The bylaws of each ENCDC branch must be related with the ENCDC agreed documents. The local bylaws either they are in USA or Europe define the characteristics of the ENCDC- its two branches of governing ( Legislative and Executive branches) how they operate and the roles and functions of each branch, and their relation with the people. If the ENCDC cannot separate the roles and functions of the two branches, then the so called the majority can change the bylaws at any time that suits them, put the Awasa documents endorsed at the congress on the cupboard. Therefore, ENCDC continuity and stability can be in danger
Democratic rules of order/ Policy Statements
The ENCDC should adopt a parliamentary authority such as democratic rules of order. These rules relate to the orderly transaction of performance and to the duties of officers in connection with conducting the organization’s program. The ENCDC – legislative branch can have its branches working in its responsibilities. It can have its own administrative and policy making branch. The ENCDC- Executive can have its offices in all the regions where the ENCDC reside. What the two branches need to know is their roles and duties without confusing the two separate bodies. The legislative can have its policy statements/ guidelines and the executive can have also its own but all work on promoting the commonly agreed documents.
The ENCDC has 5 months since its foundation but its members- grassroots including me have never seen policy statements of both of the two branches. In the organizations policy statements one can see the roles and functions of the two branches incorporated and separated with check and balance mechanisms. The ENCDC members want to know how the legislative and executive works and need follow the policy statements of the two branches.

ENCDC Performance
As I see the ENCDC leadership both the legislative and executive are not concerned in building these branches democratically but still they are showing that they are concerned with their individual and organizational supremacy and domination. ENCDC – both legislative and executive need a meeting to discuss this shortage and attitude of working. The ENCDC is in stalemate not functioning because of internal conflicts between the legislative and executive. The members of the Awasa Congress who endorsed the documents must demand that the elected 127 man are not capable to lead the process of struggle from dictatorship to democracy and are not doing what they are required to do therefore they must admit their failure and revise the method of doing things.
If the legislative and executive bodies of the ENCDC do not know what they are required to do, the members cannot wait them what to do but will search alternative ways to struggle the dictatorship and transition to democracy.
The writer of this article recommends the ENCDC- legislative and executive come down to the masses with clear policy statements. Policy statements-set of rules that we need are helpful which concern the administration of the ENCDC.

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