I read an article by Amanuel Hidrat on Awate web site, attacking EDA ( Eritrean Democratic Alliance), the basic political foundation of the opposition camp, or the Eritrean people for that matter. I am not trying to say, EDA as an alliance of Political organizations, can not make mistakes in it`s decisions and policies. Further more, even if the EDA comes with the best plan or policy, it does not mean , every individual or institution is going to agree on it being the best. The reason being the nature of the diversity of our people, and the different political beliefs and aspirations that correspond to it. Although, I believe in The purpose and role of the EDA, there are plenty of times, when I wish EDA did things in different ways, Or unnecessary for that matter, a good example being the tour in Europe. I do not understand , why we are confused so much though, about the role of this Alliance. I remember, brother Amanuel, you and I discussed about this, before you went to The Congress of Hawassa. I guess some minds do not change. Amanuel, even now, when I read your writing, I do not understand your reasons for EDA not to continue the way it is. Organizationally, There still is not a conflict of interests between the EDA and ENCDC, as the former is only a member and a subordinate to the later. To the best of my knowledge the role of the EDA is to make sure the ENCDC succeeds, by participating in it`s activities, supporting it with a vision of ideas and programs gained from years of experience of struggle, protecting it with a force of an umbrella of political organizations, that is a replica of the Eritrean people.
I believe it is every patriotic Eritrean`s duty to participate in and reshape if anybody so desires to, the EDA to make it more relevant. To me this should not be a member only duty. This is a national issue. We
Always can come out with the best ideas we can think, with regards to the organizational relations between the EDA and ENCDC; but, what is “transformation” mean? If this means dissolving the political the organized efforts of the Mehzinet, Kidan, played decisive role in the success of Wa`la and Guba`e. Throwing them to a basket is not a democratic way of thinking, to say the least. It is all about sitting on a table together and trying to solve contradictions and differences by a process of a democratic dialogue. Above all, we all have to recognize and accept each other , the way we are. When I say this, I do not mean talking and writing democracy, but it is all about believing and practicing. More over, I want you to look at the legal aspect of your argument. The Hawassa Congress did not have a resolution that dictates the EDA members to go through any kind of transformation. By the way, is this your personal belief or there are organizations and/or movements that indorse this idea. In either case, there is a formal way and procedure to contact the EDA, and engage in a dialogue, instead of blowing it on the websites. Amanuel! When you are talking about EDA, I am assuming , you are talking about the decisions the leadership made within the guidelines of the Alliances programs and policies. It is possible to have questions and reservation on individual political organizations, in that case, shouldn`t we be careful not to collectively blackmail all of them. I believe there are more, important and urgent issues, than dwelling on EDA. How about staying within the limit of fulfilling the implementation of the programs and policies of the Gubae. Amanuel, Many of the articles that I read, seldom dwell on what needs to be done on visions and plans; instead, a big deal is written as comments and views on work of somebody else. We already have tremendous task of making the ENCDC, a vibrant and successful Front. Let`s find out why all this stagnation, with an intent to help. What happen to the grassroots activities and meetings ? Where are the documents and guidelines, as tools to make sure transparency and rule of law prevails? We have to make sure ENCDC Committees every where are not entangled in a vicious misunderstanding and misguides, due to lack of clear and detailed instructions and organizational relations. Amanuel, we got people like you , who are the best and brightest, elected to the leadership at the Hawassa Congress, try to lead us the right direction, and we will follow.I do not care how you reshape history using your wild cards, try to be inclusive, when it comes to the components of the monumental Front that we just erected. We can talk and do something within our means of criteria, what the role of each member, office or committee of the ENCDC, is doing and should be doing. To do this, we need to arm ourselves and organize as much as we can, with people`s democratic way of thinking as a guide. It worked for the EDA until now, but we can not have it both ways, when we target it as obsolete that has to give away room for people, like they do not represent the aspirations of the people, and on the other hand blaming it for the statuesque. I do not think, this blaming tactic is going to get us anywhere. By the way how about the role of the non-EDA part of the ENCDC? You do not think that could be something we can count on? What is your imput?
Tekleberhan beyene

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