Eritreans in Melbourne: YES… to the ENCD Change

At the invitation by the Preparatory Committee of the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change,  a public  meeting was held  to discuss the participation of Australia in general and Melbourne in particular to the oncoming National Conference after few months.  A comprehensive explanation was given by a member of the preparatory committee on:  the idea of the forum, the steps taken so far to make it a success, identify what is required from the public at this stage and the political circumstances that accompanied the preparation of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting agreed on the following: –

• Active and distinguished participation by Melbourne public in all stages of preparation and organization of the National Conference i.e. the required  exchange of ideas activities, propaganda, media  and material support, and then active participation through all sectors in the activities of the forum in the specified time and place.

• As is customary in the city of Melbourne in the selection of their representatives in political activities related to the Eritrean opposition, it was decided in the meeting to follow the same path or approach in an expanded meeting of the masses of non-organized (those who are not members of any political organization or group) individuals, and then elect their of representatives by democratic voting.

• The meeting called upon all political forces to elevate the voice of reason, and advance the national interest over the narrow political organization’s interests. It is advisable and wise to rise to the level of responsibility and challenges of the stage by avoiding differences on secondary issues in order not to prolong the life of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea. The participants believe the participation in the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change with a common vision is essential and it will help to accelerate the overthrow of the regime, and establish a State of justice, law, democracy and peace in Eritrea.

• The meeting called upon the leadership of the EDA and the Preparatory Committee of the Dialogue Forum to deal seriously with the challenges and obstacles that limit the success of the conference, and try to study and find appropriate solutions. It is of utmost importance that all the segments of the society, including women and youth, to be represented in this opposition forum, in order to have a well representative multi faceted forum.

• The meeting forwarded their thanks to those friends who have supported the idea to hold a forum dialogue and are trying very hard to remove obstacles that hinder the progress of its work. It also called on all peace loving and democratic people and governments of the world to support the just struggle of our people in the face of the oppressive and dictatorial regime in Eritrea.

• The the meeting chose a working committee composed of 5 people to help and assist in carrying out  the tasks required to ensure the active participation of  Melbournians with all its social sectors (women, youth) in the conference.

• The meeting decided to continue the activities of the Forum and to closely follow and monitor the developments and conduct consultations and take appropriate decisions, to make the forum a success as expected.

Together to topple the dictatorial regime
Together towards a State of justice, democracy and peace
Glory and eternity to our heroic martyrs

Melbourne public meeting participants
May 01, 2010

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