A Seminar Report- Stockholm- Sweden

By Organizers

A Seminar on , ” Reckoning for the Past and current crimes by Essayas Afewerki” was held at ABF/ Workers Training Centre in Stockholm. It was organized by the Eritrean Association for social democratic party in cooperation with the Eritrean partnership for Democracy and Human Rights.

The purpose of the seminar was to discuss the wrongs committed by the leadership of the past during the protracted liberation period and the current crimes after the independence under the brutal leadership of Essayas Afewerki. It is important to rebuild confidence in a democratic transition to eliminate such criminal practices in order to facilitate the transition to a peaceful and democratic society. If the perpetrators remain in position of power or are seen to be continuing to act with impunity in the country sustainable peace cannot be achieved.

The seminar was chaired by Mr. Alazar Hagos- representative of Eritrean Social Democratic party. Alazar addressed the audiences by introducing the keynote speaker/ Guest speaker, Mr. Redie Mehari known by the nickname, “ Alena” and informed the audiences the topics of the seminar. The first speaker was Mr. Redie Mehari the author of the book entitled, “ Tlmi Ni Zeri Krdad” reckoning the past and present crimes committed by the leaders of the Eritrean political organizations during the liberation period and now after the independence.

Redie Mehari has taken the podium and started his lecture by first introducing himself and his personal background in Eritrea. He divided his speech in parts from the time he joined the liberation armed struggle on the 70th and up to 1991 when Eritrea was liberated from the Ethiopian occupation. Mr. Redie was very concentrated and precise in his analysis well recorded and with full memory of the past with documents and pictures. He started as a summary on the last weeks rumors that were broadcasted by the social media about the disappearance of the Eritrean self appointed president- Essayas and his reappearance after a month in his ERITV.

He simply touched it and said that is the dictators games of cheating people to divert the opinion against the booming opposition forces – the youth in front. He encouraged the audience to double their struggle and push the decaying system of one man rule in Eritrea.

He has deeply analysed the intrigues and ploys of Essayas and his cronies how Essayas deceives and exploits the rank and file of the EPLF political organization now and during the armed struggle. He wondered himself how he succeeded against his rivals. He further stressed this person/ Essyas will never see any one to compete with him or criticise. He pretends that he is the humble but this attitude is only a cover for his sadistic and greedy behaviour, emphasized, Redie.

Mr. Redie told the audience that Essaya’s mentality is to eliminate all those who excel him in academic and professional status. Mr. Redie further analysed his book’s contents and the different issues raised in it. He told the audiences that his book explains what he has seen and lived up during the armed liberation period and after independence. He encouraged others to write what they have experienced, said, Redie.

In conclusion, Redie recommended the citizens by telling them that they are the owners of the nation and history therefore your pen is your witness and the remaining task is yours to leave a trace for the current and coming generation.

When Redie concluded his lecture the second turn was given to leaders of social democratic party from Stockholm’s county and municipality. The leaders of social democratic party have presented their main issues and how the party works to achieve full employment and promote an excellent education to the youth. They appreciated the Eritreans participation in the politics of their resident countries. They stressed the issues of human rights abuses in Eritrea and the issue of those who support the dictatorship in Eritrea while they live in a democratic country – Sweden.

Questions and public interventions period

The third period of the seminar was on questions and interventions from the audiences. Most questions were dealing on the past wrongs committed during the liberation period. Why and how? All questions were responded by Redie Mehari precisely and exactly with examples and documents. All participants were satisfied and convinced by Redies analysis and replies. Many told that such authors like Mehari must be invited many times to educate the public with the purpose of truth and reconciliation to bring Eritreans from all shadows to speak what they have seen and faced in the past and now at this time under the criminal rule of one man/ Essayas Afewerki.

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