Press Release-The Public Is Asking EMDG Questions

Since its inception on in October 2008, the Eritrean Movement for Democratic Governance (EMDG) had posted several position papers, including its program and political statements. The core belief of land ownership from an adi perspective, the refugee issues and their return to their homeland, advocacy for human rights, good governance, market economy, political pluralism, and the return of power to its sole owners-the people constitute the core values of the movement. It also emphasizes on the unity of the armed opposition forces, and the need for a strong and united legislative, and executive leadership representative of the broad political spectrum and aspirations of the Eritrean people.

In March 2010 considering the destructive behavior of the Eritrean government, and its involvement in unlawful activities that disrupt the regional peace of the neighboring countries, we stood by our people and declared that the UN imposed sanctions against the government are just, and must be enforced as planned. On women’s day March 8th 2010, we called on all the women in the Diaspora to stand by their compatriots in the homeland, and rise up against the divisive policies of the regime. Now we stand by the very value of our political philosophy-the democratic dialogue, and support the call for national conference for change with proposals to address and resolve public concerns.

In our latest position paper, the public continued asking several valid questions, and we responded by addressing them appropriately. The most repeated question was the desire to know who the members of this organization are, our backgrounds and if we had ever convened a conference or have a leadership in place? We felt that it is the public’s right to know and hereby  identify ourselves as Eritreans from all walks of life with experience enriched by the struggle for independence in both liberation organization-ELF and the EPLF, and young men and women who share common values of the Eritrean religious and ethnic cultures.

In a pre-conference assembly in May 8, 2009, a provisional structure consisting of 5 coordinating committee members was elected-namely:

  1. Tesfu Zewde (Memhir) -Chairman
  2. Hailemariam Tesfai –head of the organizational affairs
  3. Frida Yohannes-Secretary
  4. Kebreab Teklegiorgis-Head of the information office and
  5. Solomon Habtezghi-Treasurer

To contact us, please email to, call (510) 725-4614 USA or post to our official website now under Our logo signifies our commitment to education, and rule of law represented by a book circumscribed by the naturally green- olive branches representing the original national flag. The shield now symbolizes defense of the nation against dictatorship. In future Eritrea, the shield will continue to represent defense against all sorts of power abuse, including corruption, intimidation, and unlawful imprisonments.


May 4, 2010

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