Succefull Demonstration in Cairo

Protest and demand Your rights

The release of all detainees (prisoners of conscience)
Constitution that emanates from the will of the people

Return to the national fold…

A decent life … without poverty… without subjugation…
Security and peace … no constraints … no marginalization…
No to death in the desert … and the sea …

In the light of the statement signed by the May 24-Eritrean Youth Movement with the Eritrean Youth Movements around the world, it was decided to organize protests in front of the Eritrean Embassy in Cairo on May 22, 2012. This was decided in a meeting convened by the movement’s youth on Friday with representatives from all districts of Cairo.

The protest will take place in front of the Eritrean Embassy at 12 noon

Eritreans Protest for Change at Home!
May 24
th Eritrean Youth Movement will March in starting 10:00 AM on
May 24, demanding democratic change in Eritrea!

May 24, 2012 is the 21
th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence. Eritrean Diaspora all over the world will send messages of protest their government’s lack of freedom, democracy and human rights.
Supporters will join them to demand the release of all political prisoners and end of military rule.

In the past 21 years, Isaias Afeworki had failed to deliver on the pledges he made in the areas of political, economic and cultural democracy. Eritrea once a “Beacon of Hope” now has one of the worst authoritarian rule with violations of human rights, religion and suppression of the press. Eritrean remains the only county in Africa without a working constitution. The country’s process towards democratization has essentially ended, as there are no elections and no multiple party systems. The only political party existing in Eritrea is the ruling party known as the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). Eritreans in diaspora are calling for change, since Eritreans living inside Eritrea are unable to protest openly within their own country; therefore, the demands for change come from Diaspora Eritreans.
Under his leadership, the economy has experienced minimal to no growth, plus the endless mandatory military service has led thousands of Eritrean Youth leaving the country for better prospects abroad.
The regime in Eritrea has shocked many Eritreans in the diaspora when he denied the defection of the entire Eritrean soccer team to Kenya (Interview on Al-Jazeera TV).
More recently, he did not address the death of
African migrants off the Mediterranean Sea including at least four hundred Eritreans (March 2011). The May 24th Eritrean Youth Movement, calls on all Eritrean Youth to join the demonstration calling for change.Women represented a third of the fighting force during the war for independence.
However, post-liberation the PFDJ has not implemented any policy to improve the status of women in Eritrea.
Instead they demonstrated to be anti-women.
Successful women organizations such as “Bana” were closed by PFDJ.
More recently, several women have been treated harshly including rape by human traffikers in Sinai, Egypt.
We call on all Eritrean women to join the demonstration calling for change.
The protest also makes a public demand to free all political prisoners including religions and journalists.
Our resistant and persistent people, the ruling gangs in Eritrea claimed the lives of many free Eritreans under torture in prison cells in inhuman and horrendous ways for trivial reasons. The regime planted hatred and discord between the one people of Eritrea and engaged in worthless wars which burned everything; nonetheless, refusing to be questioned about their irresponsible actions which destroyed the people and the country. The tyrant controlled our country’s potentials inadvertently and reached its zenith of power to the extent to say (I am the absolute ruler and controller, I am your Lord). The indolent tyrant treated us like scum as if we are not humans, not only he confiscated our rights regarding our country’s wealth, education, power, employment but even our ordinary daily life was shattered. As we call upon all those protests, we demand members of the defense forces and the police to stand with the people’s aspiration for freedom. Moreover, we ask the members of the administrative bodies of the state and government employees to perform their patriotic duty towards the issues of their nation. As for our Eritrean people, in the Gulf and the Sudan, the minimum they can do is to refrain from attending the festivals (of begging) and deception, and deny the regime the material gains which it uses to crush the will of the Eritrean people.We believe an elected democratic Eritrean government under the rule of law will provide Eritrea the best chance for peace, and major advancement towards human rights and freedom.
Therefore, the Eritrean youth movements around the world (with various and different names) call on all young Eritreans to join a major demonstration held to demand “change” on the morning of the 21st
anniversary of Eritrean Independence.Victory to the Eritrean people and defeat to the dictators
24th of may the eritrean youth movement

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