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 Our People Shouldn’t Weep for a Second, Third or Fourth Time

We paid over a hundred thousand precious souls to win our independence. Our hope was relief for our people; however the actions of the PFDJ regime resulted in a border conict that claimed -fty thousand more young souls, and still as a result of the unending atrocities of PFDJ we continue to pay precious lives daily: inside Eritrea, in Sudan, in Ethiopia in the Sahara Desert and in Sinai.

PFDJ is the source of all this misery; PFDJ is the reason why our mothers continue to weep day and night clad in black mourning cloths. And so PFDJ pausing as the comforter to our people every Martyr’s Day is a mockery! How long are we going to let this insult to injury carry on?

Our people’s number one enemy insulting the legacy of our martyrs is none other than the brutal regime of Isaias Afewerki! Let all those seeking change in Eritrea rise up and protest the subjecting of our people to second, third and fourth round of tragedy.

Let us renew our resolve to -ght for justice in honour of our Martyrs!

Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs.

Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change

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