EGS-JHD Press Relase: Shorten the Days of the PFDJ’s Authoritar​ian Regime‏

Eritrean Global Solidarity for Justice, Human Rights & Democracy (EGS-JHD) Strongly Affirms the Independent Role of Civic Societies in the Struggle to bring an end to the Authoritarian System and Democratize Eritrea. On June 16 and 17, 2012 EGS-JHD held its 3rd Annual Congress in Alexandria, VA under the overall them of “Reassess, Regroup and Resurge”. After conducting the most deliberative discussion and assessment of EGS-JHD’s 5 years of civic effort it came to the conclusion that the stage was set for transforming the organization into an independent “pure” civic society by adopting three pronged critical resolutions.

EGS-JHD will not function as an umbrella organization of organizations.
EGS-JHD will be based on individual membership
EGS-JHD member cannot belong to any political organization – (No dual membership is allowed).
EGS-JHD believes this critical decision will bring an end to the final chapter of the mass organization culture of Independent struggle era that has been stifling the emergence of an independent civic space in the Eritrean political sphere. This decision was made with a sense of strategic purpose and firm commitment to do more to accelerate and advance the struggle to bring an end to the tyranny that has descended on the People of Eritrea.

EGS-JHD elected 12 Council members, 5 Executive Team & 4 reserves to guide the direction of newly structured organization for the next 2 years.

The congress affirmed the following guiding principles as its foundation;

· EGS believes that the joint effort and cooperation of all Eritrean activists: political, civic and individuals are the unity basis that will bring to an end the domestic tyranny and set the foundation to transform Eritrea into a just and democratic country.

· EGS-JHD will travel near and far to sit for dialogue with all democratic forces that are determined to bring an end to the tyranny in Eritrea.

· EGS-JHD respects the rights of all Eritreans to organize and struggle against the brutal regime in power unconditionally.

· EGS-JHD will struggle for legal and political isolation and condemnation of the brutal regime in Asmara by all Eritreans and all International Organizations including IGAD, AU, UN, and EU.

· EGS-JHD will do everything possible to encourage the post- independence generation to find its own voice and nurture its own vision and leadership so that Eritrea’s future can be reassured. It considers this critical task as one of its prime guiding principles.

· EGS-JHD encourages all to recognize and reaffirm our diversity in culture, religion, political experience etc. as a positive energy that defies the so-called “One People & One Leader” anti-democracy madness.

· EGS-JHD recognizes the tremendous positive work done by ICER, and other Eritrean Human Rights organizations and pledged to work hand in hand to bring to the badly needed recognition to the world and help Eritrean refugees throughout the globe.

· EGS-JHD pledges to work hard for the implementation of the UNSC resolutions unwaveringly.

· EGS-JHD recognizes the contribution and impact of the Eritrean Diaspora News Media outlet in the dissemination of timely news, commentary, interviews and broad based exchange of views, however, EGS encourages the need to emphasize a forward looking posture and a solution oriented agenda as a foundation for the growth and development of the democratic media.

· EGS-JHD unconditionally respects each individual citizen’s right to hold his or her own individual perspective on any subject. It takes this scared right as the foundation of a democratic culture.

· EGS-JHD calls upon all Eritreans that have not found a space in the political organizations for whatever reason to give the civic option a serious consideration as a way of individual engagement on national issue of strategic significance.

· EGS-JHD strongly reaffirms the issue of who or which political group will govern Eritrea should be deferred as a secondary agenda and all effort must be done to unite all possible political, civic and individual citizens on the simple agenda of bringing an end to the present tyranny and turning over power to the people of Eritrea.

· EGS-JHD encourages those who feel in their heart the suffering of their people of Eritrea but for whatever legitimate reason have not added their voice to the need for change to move forward and add their voices to support the Freedom, Democracy, Justice and Human Rights for the people of Eritrea.

EGS-JHD hopes the newly established ENCDC will start living up to the expectation of those who made all effort to bring it forth by resolving the challenges it is facing as soon as possible. While affirming our general principle in support of the ENCDC we also strongly protest the illegal and unjust decision made by its chairman by freezing the membership of EGS-JHD in ENCDC. This legal travesty must be corrected immediately. It will in no way and shape stop EGS-JHD from contributing its modest share in the struggle to bring an end to the tyranny reigning over Eritrea but it also reminds us why the Eritrean opposition has been unable to mobilize all possible actors in a just struggle to democratize Eritrea.

We call upon all Eritrean civic societies to strengthen their organizations and find a common ground to work together more closely in advancing the expansion and consolidation of the civic space in the interest of strengthening the creation of strong watch-dog institutions.

We pledge to the people of Eritrea that we have no other agenda than doing everything possible to shorten the days of the PFDJ’s authoritarian regime and return and reaffirm the sovereignty to the people over all political power, national economy, politics, land, water, air and culture.

EGS-JHD takes this opportunity to thank Aba Mussie of Agenzia Habeshia and Dr. Yebio Woldemariam of International Commission on Eritrean Refugees for giving us an extensive briefing during our congress deliberations on the massive refugee crisis being faced by the Eritrean youth all over the world with an immediate emphasis on the crisis faced by Eritreans refugees in Israel.


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