Eritreans for Democracy, Justice and Equality (E4DJE) Statement in support of the youth conference held in Ethiopia.

Taking note of the following principle stand expressed in:

–      Our position paper : The ultimate motive of which is to establish an effective and influential lobbying or pressure group that would enhance the impetus and speed of the change process for promoting justice, democracy, good governance and rule of law;

–      Our mission: Promotion of justice, democracy and human rights while safeguarding the interests and democratic achievements of our people and gearing the change process to the speed and direction required to achieve its ultimate goal of removing the dictatorial regime and replacing it with a democratic one;

–      As part of our objectives: Advocate and encourage the formation of free, independent civic societies, unions and syndicates to play their vital role in advancing the constituents’ respective group interests, upholding and safeguarding the public interests and democratic rights of the society and actively engage society in shouldering its due share of responsibility in nation building and the struggle for change; and taking into consideration that Eritrean youth:

–      are the major victims of the regime;

–      are major active and decisive force among the stakeholders in the struggle for a democratic change

–      they are the future owners and beneficiaries of a free and democratic country;

–      are to be encouraged to enhance their struggle against the dictatorial regime;

We support the current youth conference held in Ethiopia believing that it would evolve into
being an inclusive and reflective of the Eritrea diversity on its final outcome and any future youth gatherings that would promote and enhance the struggle against the Eritrean regime.


We firmly believe that such gatherings will help to underlie and broaden the base for a united and diversified youth movement that would positively contribute to and enhance the Eritrean opposition. We wish them full success and we express our gratitude to the host country, people and government of Ethiopia.


Glory to our martyrs

Pride and
dignity to our struggling people

Defeat to the
dictatorial regime




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