Eritrea Festival 2012 in Frankfurt to Welcome Representatives of ENDF Coordinating Committee

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Representatives of
the Coordinating Committee of the Eritrean National Democratic Forces (ENDF)
are scheduled to attend and take part in various events at the Eritrea Festival
in Frankfurt this year that lasts between 3
and 5 August 2012.

The CC/ENDF is to
hold its first congress during the Festival days. It is also granted a slot on
Friday, 3 August, to hold a conference for total membership. The Eritrean
People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) is a co-founding member of the ENDF, and as
such all its members are conference participants on Friday.


Former Eritrean
diplomat and chairman of CC/ENDF, Mr. Humad Kullu, will be one of the speakers
and event organizers at this year’s Eritrea Festival at Frankfurt.
Other CC/ENDF presenters at the awareness seminar on Friday and the General
Festival Panel on Saturday, will include Mr. Reze Habte from USA and Mr. A/Rahman Al-Sayed from UK.  Also taking part in the ENDF events will be
EPDP leadership members including Mr. Woldeyesus Ammar, Mr. Assefaw Berhe and
other members of the Coordinating Committee who could avail themselves at the



The CC/ENDF is
expected to evaluate at its congress past performances since its founding in
October 2011 and launch a new start for a more inclusive and effective work.
Papers to be considered for adoption at the congress and later to be explained
to total membership in a conference Friday evening will include evaluation of
experience,  adopting a new Governing
Document and formulating a work programme for the next 12 months.

As it has been made
public through its brochure, CC/ENDF’s main principles included the
non-violence means of struggle for democratic change based on the Eritrean
people’s power and full ownership. The establishment of the CC/ENDF was inspired
by the long history of the Eritrean people’s struggle, as well as the anti-apartheid
coalition struggle of South
Africa’s historic UDF (United Democratic
Front) and by political blocs elsewhere based on common principles. It also
drew lessons from the less successful experiences of the last Eritrean
opposition alliances and coalitions.

The Coordinating Committee members believe that ENDF in
the future will do all what it can to create a viable stage for the common struggle
of individuals, civil society and political organizations that believe in common
principles and strategies and avoid the paralyzing experiences of the past in
the Eritrean political opposition.


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