Close Eritrean Embassy in Sweden

The Eritrean embassy in Scandinavian countries has been
extorting Eritrean-Swedish citizens, community centres and churches to collect
money in violation of Swedish and International laws for many years.

The illegal action of the action has been verified by
the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia
and Eritrea,
which reports, “Eritrean officials and party agents routinely resort to
threats, intimidation and coercive measures in order to elicit payment.”
The report adds, “The most common tactic is the denial of unrelated
services until taxes have been paid. Other measures include harassment,
intimidation and the threat of retribution in Eritrea: individuals who refuse to
make payment may have their inheritance rights voided; their family members may
be penalized; and they may be subject to detention or denial of an exit visa if
they return toEritrea.”

The Embassy staff works under various guises – the
Eritrean – Swedish Associations in different municipalities, Eritrean Cultural
Centres, and the Eritrean national Holiday coordinating Committee and many
others under the guise of NGOs to raise fund, organize festivals invite
singers, ask for permits to rent public parks and implement its illegal
activities. The embassy also conceals its political nature in order to obtain
financial assistance from the Swedish municipalities previously but was exposed
and later stopped.  The UN report said “A PFDJ [the People’s Front for
Democracy and Justice, the ruling party in Eritrea] fundraising drive in Sweden in early
always falsely presented itself as a campaign to assist Eritrean orphans and
children, in potential violation of Swedish law.” An investigation by the
Swedish media revealed that the money raised in the name of ‘orphans’ was handed
to Eritrean government agents sponsoring terrorists and other destabilizing
forces in the region.

We, Swedish-Eritreans who have been victimized
by the illegal activities of the Eritrean government here in Sweden for the
past two decades, call upon the Swedish government to close the Eritrean
Embassy in this country immediately. The only solution to end the misery of Swedish-Eritrean
citizens is by closing the embassy, otherwise, the embassy will devise
different tactics in order to continue undermining Swedish laws and to extort
Swedish- citizens with Eritrean background.


Eritrean Democracy Activists



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