Our Eritrea has a rich and remarkable history. In defiance, our forefathers bravely fought and resisted subjugation during the Italian and British colonization and the invasions of Haile Selassie and the Derg. Some of the notable heroes of the time include: Bahta Hagos (Aba Timer), Abdelkadir Kebire, Hamid Irdis Awate, Sheik Ibrahim Sultan and Weldeab Weldemariam.

Today, the PFDJ continues to try and twist our history and desperately attempts to replace our heroes and fade their memories. The history of Eritrea’s first revolutionary hero, Hamid Idris Awate is one such history the dictatorship would like to dwindle. The dictator continues to hoodwink the public by discounting the vital contributions of our heroic figures and betray their history.

We refuse to accept the dictator’s ploy! We shall inherit the history of our proud fathers and the founders of the Eritrean revolution and reject those who betrayed and hijacked the promise of the revolution. In order to demonstrate this point, we are calling upon every peace, democracy and justice loving young Eritreans to use the occasion of the anniversary of the start of the Eritrean Revolution on September 1st, to formally express gratitude to our elderly heroes and heroines who dutifully served their country and to those who continue to do so.

In ceremonies that will be held around the world, September 1, 2012 shall be a day when we symbolically pass the torch of liberty to the next generation. Today’s generation is the torch bearer of this responsibility. We shall proudly follow the footsteps of Idris Awate and his sacred mission. Awate’s vibrant history should not be allowed to fade away or get stained by the PFDJ’s wicked deeds.

We encourage every Eritrean – younger and older, men and women, Muslims and Christians – to shout in unison and declare that “We Are All Awate!” Let our voices be heard in all corners of the world. Let us proudly seize the torch of liberty!


Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC)

14 August 2012

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