Report on the EFDM Workshop on National unity, struggle against the dictatorship and transitional democratic changes

By Gabeel Team

The Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement has organized a workshop on 15th May 2010 on the draft paper under the title, “

The experience of Eritrean National unity, the methods of the struggle against the dictatorship in Eritrea and the Transitional Democratic Changes the organization believe in.”

The first session was devoted to a debate on the draft layout and the rest on the contents of the paper, arguments were presented by all participants. More discussions where on the experience of Eritrean national unity during the Eritrean political and armed struggle and now at this time. The conception of  national unity and its relationship with nation building.

The second session was on the methods of struggle against the dictatorship in Eritrea. Arguments on how to face the Eritrean Dictatorship were presented and instruments to be used were discussed thoroughly.

The third session was on the transitional democratic changes. The workshop discussed the measures to be established during the transitional period from the fall of the dictatorship to the formation of constitutional government.

The fourth session was on the outcome of the national conference for democratic change and what will be the status of the EDA. The workshop discussed in detail on these issues. The workshop come with a proposal that the status of the EDA will be greater than it is now where it can get recognition by its people, and the regional and international governments as the alternative government of Eritrea. The role of civil societies and individuals will be clear so that they play the role of advising and promoting the work of the alternative government formed after the conference. The civil society and individuals have the role of influencing the decision making of the leadership. They can have their inputs in the decision making and vice versa, this means if the leadership cannot reach an agreement in an issue it must consult the advisory council composed of civil society organizations and professional individuals. This Council will be elected during the conference and have its leaders and functions, we call it in Swedish language /Referensråd/ translated in English Advisory Council. They are independent and have no affiliation with the political parties.

The workshop has concluded its paper and assigned to a group who can translate the paper in three languages.( English, Arabic and Tigrinya) and later submit it to the National Conference Preparatory Committee.

Gabeel Team

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