Eritreans for Democracy, Justice and Equality (E4DJE) Statement of condolence on the death of PM Meles Zenawi

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing away of PM Meles Zenawi. We express our sincere condolences to his family, Government and peoples of Ethiopia.  The late PM, Meles Zenawi will be remembered for his skillful leadership of the EPRDF not only in scoring victory against the military dictatorial junta of Mengistu but also for achieving the long aspired and struggled for goal of transforming Ethiopia from a mono-cultural, mono-religious country to a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society where its peoples live in harmony under a federal system. Thus this provided a role model to African countries to follow. A constitutional decentralized system of governance that realizes a fair sharing of power and wealth among its constituents and accommodates the diversities make up of the people and their rights is what we aspire for in Eritrea as stated in our position paper.


Under his leadership Ethiopiashowed great strides to unprecedented development and economic growth lifting up millions from poverty.
The country also took noticeable steps in the path towards democracy that was not always paved with flowers. He will also be remembered as great African leader who championed the continent’s causes and was its strong voice in the international arena.


Regarding Eritreahe was a staunch and resolute supporter of its people’s struggle and aspirations for democratic change.
Late PM Meles Zenawi showed great statesmanship in dealing with difficult internal and external challenges. His door and heart was always open to the Eritrean opposition, advised and helped them to reconcile their differences democratically through dialogue and carefully listened to their complaints and
misgivings even about certain Ethiopian policies towards them. He was one of the exceptional leaders who understood the complexity of the Eritrean political challenges.


The untimely death of Meles deprived the Ethiopian people, the region’s, Africans and the whole world of a very talented and durable leader. The Eritrean opposition forces lost its strongest ally in its struggle for democratic change.


In the Ethiopian arena he left a void that could not easily be filled but the legacy of constitutional and institutional establishments he left behind would help the Ethiopian leadership and its people to endure the loss and continue in his foot steps the course of democratization and developments initiated with more vigor and energy.

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