Eritreans Protest outside Israeli Embassy-UK‏

Eritrean protesters demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in London on Friday 31 August 2012 to denounce Israel’s abuse of Eritrean refugees and its threat to lock them up until they  are forcibly deported back to Eritrea where they would face persecution.

  Waving both the Eritrean and the British flags and placards saying ”  Respect Eritrean Asylum seekers rights to protection in Israel” and “ Don’t forget your history Israel” and so on and so forth while accusing  Israeli Interior Minister of using ” anti- refugees hatred rhetoric”.  The protesters had earlier assembled at High Street Kensington Station  and marched through the capital’s main street of High street Kensington  shopping Centre attracting attention from a lot of passers by.When the protesters started to arrive at the scene of the protest there was already a heavy police presence in the area. The demonstrators, who were noisy but peaceful, then continued to march towards Kensington  Court to gather near the Israeli embassy that stands in a road blocked  off by security gates that were guarded by a lot of police.The Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change in the UK and Citizens for  Democratic Rights in Eritrea –CDRiE organized the Protest.  Representatives from EYSC-UK spoke during the protest and reiterated  their support for the Eritrean refugees and/or asylum seekers right to  live in Israel and called upon the International Community to intervene  and remind Israel of its obligation to the Geneva Refugee Convention of  28 July 1951, which Israel is a signatory to it. Also urged Israeli  citizens to act now by launching a campaign to lobby their government to improve its position towards genuine refugees. In addition to cease the threat of deportations and fulfill their obligations under the 1951  Geneva Convention and the 1967 Protocol to which Israel signatory and to put in place an appropriate refugee status determination procedure.
Last but not least the protesters distributed flyers/ leaflets to  passers by to explain why they were protesting and asked them to sign a  petition.

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