1st September 61 – 1st September 2012


Today in the 1st September 2012, we celebrate our success, remember our heroes, and evaluate our journey and learn big lessons. BIG TIME!!


Today we also renew our oath to defeat the authoritarian regime in Eritrea and replace it with a democratic government.



  1. Be inspired by how  effectively  the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change manages and promotes Unity in Diversity
  2.  Be part of the emerging strong and united voice for democratic change and spread the words across the globe
  3. Link the goals of the  council  with important institutions: such as  Civic societies,  multi- faith communities,   human rights groups and political organisations in the area of your residence
  4. Get connected with the leadership of the council and contribute in your area of expertise
  5. Participate in peaceful demonstrations and respect the laws of the countries
  6. Explore the means by which you can win the hearts and minds of  PFDJ supporters inside and outside Eritrea.  And also design a strategy to convince the silent majority.

Free Eritrea!!!

Leadership of the Eritrean National Council for
Democratic Change

  1. September 2012

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