Members of the Eritrean Opposition groups in the Bay Area met with Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Congressional Aide in Oakland California

 December 09, 2012

Members of the Eritrean opposition groups in the Bay Area met with Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Congressional Aide Ms. Lauren Riggs in the Congresswoman’s office in Oakland, California on December 7, 2012. The team was composed of Bay Area members of the Eritrean people’s Democratic Party (EPDP), Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change (ENCDC) and Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC), and Independent activists. Ms. Barbara Lee is a US House of Representative from the 9th District, in California. The purpose of the meeting was to jointly lobby our United States Representative on behalf of our people who are suffering under the brutal regime in Eritrea and become the voice for the voiceless people inside Eritrea and abroad.

We have been warmly received by the Congressional Aide handling matters of Global Peace & Security to the district office. After a brief introduction of the attendees the team handed Ms. Riggs a letter to be delivered to Congresswoman Barbara Lee. One of our team members read the four page letter out loud. The letter summarized the current condition of the Eritrea, the suffering of our people who are inside and outside the country, some recommendations on how Representative Barbara Lee with her fellow Members of Congress can help the Eritrean people achieve peace, democracy, and prosperity. We were very pleased to meet Ms. Riggs, and her probing questions not only allowed us to elaborate on some key concerns but also assured us that she knew the various related issues surrounding the suffering of people under such a regime.

We, Eritrean-Americans, in California and elsewhere are not spared from the dictatorial regime’s repressive tentacles. The totalitarian regime in Asmara tries to intimidate us through its supporters and PFDJ members organized throughout the United States of America, under the pretext of “community centers”, such as the ECCC (Eritrean Community and Cultural Center) in Oakland. These dictatorial regime’s proxy offices undertake illegal activities against dissidents through threats, physical attacks, extortion, fundraising on behalf of the tyrant, money laundering and sending funds to the regime through different illegal channels.

In the last few months, we have been successfully meeting and petitioning our representatives in California to address the above problems of repression and human rights violations back home and abroad. In April 2012 we have been in connection with the State of California, Department of Justice, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. Her support has been as well meaningful towards our objectives. And with her referral, in July 2012, we have been correlated with Alameda County, District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley in our area. Both these legal authorities reinforced us, and viewed our reports with great attentiveness. And they afforded us with important legal tools, referrals and advices.

As it is recalled, in October 2011, we have had a similar productive encounter with the Democrat, State of California Assembly member, Michael Allen. His support has been very important, and with his backing our report and complaints have been delivered to all California State Assembly members. In addition, he made his office always open for us. In the above projects our experience has been positive and empowering, and we will continue to work diligently and advocate for our rights until that day.


The core issues that we have been lobbing our representatives:

             The Flagrant Human Rights violations and abuses of freedom in Eritrea

             Cruel condition of the thousands of political dissidents, journalists, religious leaders and prisoners of conscience in unknown secret prisons       

             Plight of the Eritrean Refugees in the adjacent countries such as the Sudan, Egypt, Djibouti, Israel etc.

             The Sinai refugee’s kidnapping, selling, and trafficking of vital organs

             Enslavement of the youth in the name of “National Service” and its consequences

             Economy in its tatters, luck of basic commodities, harsh policy forcing civilian-population up to 60 years and over to bear arms

             Disruption of harmony among countries of the Horn of Africa

             Support enforcement of the UN Sanctions, resolution 1907/1844 and resolution 2023/1862

             Support the UN Sanctions in progress on Human Rights abuses in Eritrea

             Restrict the illegal tyrant’s proxy offices operating under the pretext of “Community Centers” such as the ECCC in Oakland

             And sufficient reliable references and sources have been provided.


Victory to the Eritrean people’s Struggle for Democracy and Freedom                                                                Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!


San Francisco Bay Area Residents of the following Opposition (Pro Democracy) groups:

Eritrean people’s Democratic Party (EPDP)                                                                                                  Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change (ENCDC)                                                                           Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC),                                                                                                                           And Independent activists.

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