Unofficial translation of the press released by the Social Democratic party in the parliament

The Government of Sweden must reply to the enforced taxation of Diaspora Eritrea in Sweden.


The United Nations condemned the use of the diaspora tax on the Eritrean diaspora and the UN Security Council has also adopted a resolution to stop the 2% diaspora taxation by using extortion, threats of violence fraud and other methods on Eritreans living outside of Eritrea.


The Initiative must be taken by the judicial authority according the national Swedish and international laws, but when the delegation representing Sweden in the UN submitted a petition on 10th August 2012 with the question how the government in Sweden is going to implement the UNSC resolution the reply from the Government of Sweden was an empty document without no tangible solutions.


In the document called, “ Certain Operative Aspects of the UNSC resolutions to the monitoring committee”  written by the foreign minister, Carl Bildt regarding the sanction of the regime in Eritrea, has no appropriate explanation how to implement this resolution in Sweden.


The regime in Asmara collects its diaspora tax without no prohibition and hinder from the government of Sweden which is impossible in other UN state members where their governments has taken restrictive steps against the illicit collection of diaspora taxes in their countries.


The foreign minster, Carl Bildt ought clarify that why Sweden did not take the appropriate measures in accordance with UNSCs condemnation of the illegal diapora taxe collection to the regime in Eritrea, stressed, Carina Hägg parliament member from the social democratic party. Carl Bildt should clarify why he didn’t respect the resolution of the UNSC imposed to the regime in Eritrea, repeated Carina Hägg.


It is deeply unfortunate why the government of Sweden does not respect the resolution and does not prevent such individuals from collecting illicit taxes for the advantage of the regime in Asmara, added Arhe Hamednaca.


          We have asked the foreign ministry in Sweden to respond the issue of the enforced diaspora taxation but have not yet got  a concrete reply said Carina Hägg and Arhe Hamednaca.

          The Government of Sweden must take action against this illegal collection of taxes inside their own jurisdiction, it is not legal to impose daispora tax on Eritreans living in Sweden, concluded Carina Hägg and Arhe Hamednaca parliament members in the Swedish parliament.





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