The Eritrean Islamic Party for justice and Development Final statement of the 5th General Conference

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The Eritrean Islamic Party for justice and Development Final statement of the 5th General Conference

To our struggling Eritrean people

Amid agitated national struggling spirit driven by aspirations of our beloved homeland and nation to achieving freedom, democracy, peace and liberty from the odious dictatorship, the Eritrean Islamic Party for justice and Development (EIPJD) held its 5th General Conference under the slogan: “let’s topple the dictatorial regime in Eritrea to secure our nation’s unity and protect young generation”. The party’s members and representatives from different countries actively participated in the event, with hopes that the 5th conference would be an added value in the development of the party work and a factor to trigger the public movement led by the political and civil blocs and the Eritrean youth groups worldwide.

Our noble nation,

The 5th conference was convened in a historic and critical stage in our national march; and amid hard situations facing our people all over Eritrea and abroad, whilst youths are subject to loss, blackmail and extortion. This status compels us to exert more sacrifices and continue the struggle with all available means to get rid of the PFDJ’s tyrannical regime in Eritrea along with all its key figures and supporters.

Accordingly, the party embarked on its comprehensive conference building on extensive planning – thanks to the incessant efforts of the Preparatory Committee. As a result, numerous seminars were organized, and all elements, programs and systems of the work were thoroughly deliberated and evaluated. This included holding a series of sub-conference in different districts worldwide where attendees submitted their views and recommendations and nominated their representatives to the general conference as well – a fact that facilitated the mission of the conference to evaluate, discuss papers put forward for endorsement.

The conference reviewed the performance report submitted by the EIPJD General Secretariat for the period since last conference. The report comprised all activities, accomplishments, shortcomings and challenges in various fields. The conference also approved the party’s vision and strategic plan in numerous areas after being discussed in specialized papers presented during the conference, in addition to the party statue and the political program which will contribute in promoting and improving performance in all fields.
The conference stressed the importance of continuing struggle in a cohesive line-up with other political and Islamic national parties; particularly under an inclusive political umbrella which incubates the willpower of change with the aim to protect the country’s future from the verge of chaos with no sovereign institutions, and meanwhile seeking to instill the pluralistic, democratic alternative without excluding or marginalizing any voice. In this context, EIPJD will always remain an element of reconciliation and unification, and strengthening the Eritrean societal and political structure.

Our loyal People

Following a prolonged and fruitful discussion, the conference ratified a number of papers and issued a number of decisions. For instance, allocating 15% of the Shura Council membership for youths and students and increasing the representation of women in recognition of the important role of these segments. The Shura Council membership has increased from 45 to 51 members to meet the growing geographies of membership.

The Conference decided the Secretary General appointment to be for two terms at maximum and elected Mr. Saleh Mohammad Othman as the party’s Secretary General to replace Shaikh Khalil Mohammad Amer who is chosen as President of the Shura Council.

The Conference calls the Eritrean national army to take a heroic national stand and side with the people and their demand for change. Today, the moment is decisive and the opportunity is ripe for our heroes in the Eritrean Defense Forces to take a patriotic stance as expected from them, rather than being a mere tool in the hand of the tyrant to oppress the patient people or to guard a regime that has lost constitutional legitimacy and the consent of its people.

The Conference expresses respect to our steadfast people at home and in the diasporas, and calls all to line up around the Eritrean opposition, mainly the revolutionary youths who are striving for change, in order to complete our national march in harmony and with collective spirit, and to reinforce trust among the political entities, civil community, youth and all components of the Eritrean people. The Conference highly praised the patriotic stand of the Eritrean Solidarity Front, the National Democratic Alliance, the National Council for Democratic Change, and NGOs for their firm stand against encroachment of our national constants and established beliefs, specially our national icon Hamid Idris Awate , and thus reinforcing the national unity.

While the party condemns the state-sponsored terrorism and acts of terror committed by the Eritrean government such as compulsory disappearances and arbitrary detentions of innocent Eritreans, we do reject and condemn all forms of terrorism locally, regionally and globally – no matter the source.

The conference condemns and criminalizes the phenomenon of human trafficking which is carried out by the involved and well-known sources and we call upon all Eritrean national powers to take necessary procedures to stop and eliminate them

The Conference appreciated the solidarity support for the Eritrean people and their just rights from our brothers and friends, and applauded Ethiopia’s firm stand and siding by the rights of the Eritrean nation to live in peace in their homeland Eritrea, under a democratic, pluralistic regime that respects its people and neighbors. The conference also paid tribute to Ethiopia’s humanitarian support for the Eritreans refugees.

The Conference calls the regional and international community which supports freedom, democracy, justice and peace – especially Arab countries – to support the Eritrean opposition forces in different areas in order to accelerate the pace of struggle and to put an end to the suffering of the Eritrean people who are living in despair under the dictatorship of Isaias Afwerki’s regime and his criminal gang. We urge all peace-loving forces to protect the Eritrean young generation who are exposed to piracy and trafficking in organs. We hold the international community responsible for any failure to saving young Eritreans, namely by supporting the effort to remove the root of the problem – the PFDJ’s tyrannical regime in Eritrea.

The Almighty God says: “And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

The 5th General Conference
20 January 2013

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