Eritrean Youth movements around the world endorse and support the Forto Movement on 21st January 2013

Eritrean Youth groups call upon all Eritreans to endorse this brave incident through mass protests and similar resistance activities, which will be launched starting Sunday 27 April 2013 for the purpose of promoting democracy and respect for human rights, the release of prisoners and to safeguard the safety and security of Eritrea.
The 21st of January 2013 has become a positive date in Eritrea’s history, a brave move from inside to change the status of the tyranny in the country for more than 20 years, and gave hope to all citizens to regain their freedom. This rare historic moment gives an opportunity to combine our efforts with specific targets to hold together and cross from the darkness of slavery, tyranny to freedom and the rule of law. In this regard, we are pleased to assure our brave and patient people and all freedom seekers that as youth groups and activists, we are continuing and have commenced to find ways to coordinate the activities of youth groups everywhere in order to support the planned global protests under the following principles:
1. To support the Forto incident on 21st January 2013
2. Escalating the activities of our movements to liberty and freedom for the Eritrean people and all of the political prisoners.
3. Encourage and demand from officials, diplomats and ambassadors abandon the regime
4. Urge the Eritrean Defense forces and Police to stand with the aspirations of their people for liberty.
5. Urge Eritrean opposition and all national forces for change to intensify efforts in order to deal with such events in an appropriate manner.
6. Urge the Eritrean Youth outside the country to regroup and determine its objectives and coordinate its efforts to respond to the calls of protest which will be launched on Sunday 27 January 2013 and beyond, and to put in place escalatory steps to support the wishes of their people to live a decent and dignified life.
# Signatories:
1 – May 24 Eritrean Youth movement.
2 – People’s Movement for democracy and justice.
3 – The Eritrean Youth movement for change – Switzerland.
4 – Youth movement for democratic change
5 – Red Sea Afar Youth Union
6 – Freedom Friday Project
7 – Eritrean Youth Solidarity For Change (EYSC)

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