To our friends and comrades,Eritreans & others; and to all Eritreans Attending this Demonstration in Berlin

The demonstration
Today is a unique occasion, when the people of the Eritrean diaspora are demonstrating in support of the Eritreans held captive in Sinai and in Egyptian prisons. We appeal to the authorities in Egypt to stop the trafficking in human beings and in body parts, and provide appropriate protection and safety to those who are fleeing their own country.

A peaceful and tolerant demonstration
We know that many here, who have suffered the loss of their family members in the desert, wish to express their anger. We urge them to remain aware of their responsibilities today and to respect the principles of demonstration in democratic societies. A peaceful demonstration is a powerful tool that also expresses the values of tolerance and respect for human rights.

Thanks to our countries of exile
Many in our host countries are supporting us in working towards a just and fair society at home. Our thanks to politicians, to city authorities and residents, and to the ordinary women and men who understand our situation and support our goals, and empathise with us over the losses we are suffering.

The Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC)
The ENCDC is working to end the current regime in Eritrea and replace it with a society that is free, fair and equal, that respects all ethnic groups, all religions and cultures, women and men. On this demonstration we aim to show our strength and our values. We invite all Eritreans and everyone sympathetic to our cause to join us in fighting for those who are suffering in Sinai and other countries.

The Leadership
of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change
29 January 2013

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