Idris Alisheik. Sweden Stockholm.

Today I want to write simple and short. I hope you understand my generous letter. I’ve always thought of asking but I have never received a reply to my questions. I wonder why all positions running after useless and unnecessary people. For example, they see a lion and then chop it lion’s shadow.

 Dictator sit and do whatever he wants with our people and you run around in circles for nothing. Sorry today our great headline is interesting for media and news and the internet everyone is talking about a person named Ali Abdu. Sometimes they say that he is in Canada or in Australia Small and they say that he did an interview with expressen it is their biggest job. Who is Ali Abdu?
He is a murderer and a deceiver and punished our people in jail and he is a traitors. The man has worked for 20 years in government. Our people have not seen freedom and security for 20 years. They are living in hell and Ali Abdu and his friends they flew before him. They did business with our people and with rashaida mafia they kidnapped our children and young people from Sudan.

 They sold them like animals. Rasheid mafia phoned them and said they had to pay 30 to 50 thousand dollars they wanted to free their children if they did not pay so they would die. The money goes to mafia groups contained in the government. Ali Abdu is one of them. Today he is one of those who escaped from the government. We saw last time in government. Ali Abdu is one of them. Today he is one of those who escaped from the government. We saw last time

Who escaped from the government a few have worked as ambassadors and some who consult in different countries. All those who worked with the regime are the same people who punish our people. Sorry they were welcomed by the oppositions and they co-operate with them. The right place for these people is jail and it must be fair. We still see no change from them.

They are still useless because the regime kicked them out from the country. And we fall into the same problem again. We have not learned from our mistakes. When Ethiopia packages conditioned us they are people who worked with them such as Commandos. We forgave them but they made ​​the same mistakes for us. Now with the new regime, it happened the same mistake. However, the change must be as fast as possible. We must invest in our people and our National soldiers and military and from inside the country Eritrea is not from abroad or neighbors change must occur from within. It is our land and our power.

We promise our people that there are still heroes nationalists from your people and your children. Today is similar to yesterday when they say no to Ethiopia’s colony and they started 1961 Guerrilla fight with the hero Hamid Idris Awate. They defended our people and Eritreans and there was peace. Today they’re the same people who can retrieve change from dictator. They’ll ask for those who have dirtied their hands from our people’s blood. We will stop them in front of right and justice in Lahaie. And they will get their punishment inshallah.


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