Three arrested on suspicion of extortion

Two men and a woman have been arrested at the Solna District Court on suspicion of extortion and conspiring to murder in a case believed to be related to the Eritrean regime’s oppression of Eritreans in exile.
– There is a suspicion that the Eritreans to flee have been kidnapped and then have people in Sweden demanded the money, says chief prosecutor Krister Petersson at the International Public Prosecution Office.

Several reports of similar crimes have been made by Eritreans in Sweden, according to Peterson.
The three were arrested on Tuesday. They should have conveyed one extortion demands from kidnappers in Egypt. Swedish-Eritreans were pressured to pay hundreds – otherwise relatives killed. Threats were made for several weeks until the suspects were arrested.
Several families
In retrospect, the witnesses confirmed that at least one person was killed by the kidnappers.
According to TT expelled several families simultaneously. It is rare that the cases are reported because many victims are concerned that they and their families will get in trouble.
Many similar cases
According to Swedish-Eritrean information has hundreds of families in Sweden utpressats right of kidnappers in the Egyptian Sinai desert. Many similar cases are reported from other countries, including Norway.
At least seven families expelled, reportedly to TT, the last year of a senior Eritrean military. He must have kidnapped relatives in Eritrea, brought them to the border of Sudan and from there called the families of 7,000 U.S. dollars within a day. Otherwise, he would send them to the captors in the Sinai.
A United Nations report last year described how the unnamed generals in the Eritrean army has allied itself with the captors in the Sinai and serves many millions of kidnapping, smuggling and arms trafficking.
UN has investigated
UN investigators wrote: “The same criminal networks smuggling Eritrean migrants and Eritrean weapons, often in the same vehicle. Well in Sudan and Sinai are Eritrean migrants routinely held hostage, tortured, raped or killed, while their captors requires an average of 30,000 to 40,000 dollars in ransom – which often negotiated and paid by Eritrean intermediaries. “
UN investigators has this week been in Sweden to collect testimony from Swedish-Eritreans. Investigators have not wanted to speak to the media, but they also have an interest in how Eritrea will continue to demand tax from exile Eritreans. Although this collection is made according to the UN with threats and blackmail.
The reason that the world organization investigates Eritrea is under UN sanctions against the country for its support to armed movements in the Horn of Africa, including the terrorist-linked al-Shabaab in Somalia.

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