The  Leadership of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change is taking the opportunity of International Woman’s Day, 8th March 2013,  to  salute  the resilience, determination  and  courage  of  the Eritrean women  in the  opposition, who have been  described as Salt and Light.  This is a metaphor  for  their distinguished role in creating a constructive environment within their own organisations,  raising awareness of  diversity and unity within  the council, shedding light on the complexities of Eritrean politics and issues of  gender, and communicating  the  challenges and opportunities of the opposition clearly and appropriately .

Political Midwives

 Eritrea is blessed with a number of women who have a richness of experience and knowledge, accumulated   over the last four decades.  These senior cadres have been instrumental in educating the younger generation in teamwork, communication skills, managing meetings, defining common issues, sharing responsibility, and managing demonstrations. All of this has greatly enhanced the quality of the struggle against the authoritarian regime in Eritrea.  We thank them for their dedication, sacrifice and patriotism.

Organisation builders

We thank all the women who are currently engaged in grassroots     activities to   promote the agenda being developed collaboratively with the people. This down-to–earth approach has made a big difference in motivating Eritreans from all walks of life to participate effectively in implementing our shared strategy.








 Mentors and Voice-givers

We congratulate the leadership of the women’s movement for their serious   efforts to attract younger and educated women to continue the struggle for democratic change which their mothers and grandmothers started years ago. We also appreciate their courage in addressing and campaigning for the safety, protection and release of their sisters from the rape and torture committed by some members of the PFDJ, Rashaida and Bedouin, tribes in the Sinai Desert.


We also thank the women of the opposition for their work in persuading those women who support the existing regime to join us. We encourage all Eritrean women to consider carefully the situation of their sisters and brothers at home, and to join hands with us in working for a safer and fairer Eritrea.

Leadership of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change




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“Diamonds get their Character from African Women”



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