The cry of pain of four Catholic Dioceses of: Asmara, Keren, Barentu and Segheneiti.

Two major events related closely to the 23rd.anniversary of the Independence of Eritrea, this year: one external and the other bound by domestic factors.
With regard to the first event: we refer to the explicit statement in which the USA State Department declared the support of the people and the American government in favor of the Eritrean people struggle for the restoration of their deprived freedom and human rights value. The statement by H.E. John Kerry that emphasized on the human tragedy that the people of Eritrea have become victim of its own government as an explicit condemnation of the dictatorial regime of Isaias Afeworki was timely.

With regard to the second event: we are referring to the voice of the truth expressed by the Bishops of the above-mentioned Catholic dioceses on the critical Human situation of the ailing Nation. The cry of pain launched by the Catholic Dioceses in recent days, on the domestic front, encourages the Eritrean people held captive for a very long time to break the silence. The voice of truth expressed by the prominent leaders of the church in support of the legitimate demands of the people of Eritrea, expresses no doubt the seriousness  of the degrading situation from all points of view: economic, social and political.

The realistic description and analysis presented in broad daylight by the local Eritrean Spiritual Authorities of the Catholic Church, defying all probable future personal vendetta by the regime on the authors of this noble initiative; by all odds their action will bolster the spirit of opposition against the dictatorship within the country itself and opens a new chapter to a new episode of domestic resistance.

These two events reflecting the political and diplomatic development will help to mark a major turning point in a positive way in the ongoing process for the democratic transformation of the country and the acceleration and the demise of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.
Religious leaders have a moral obligation to voice the awakening of the consciousness of every citizen suffering under the dictatorship, as well to reveal the truth as guardians of the people consciousness and ethics.

Thisfirm stance from religious fathers at this critical time undoubtedlydeservespraise and recorded once more in the history of good books of the Catholic Church.

The Executive Office of ENCDC expresses its full support and solidarity, at the same time expresses its deep admiration for this courageous human act undertaken by the four Eritreans’ Bishops.

Finally,we appealto all Eritrean Spiritual Leaders belonging to differentreligious denomination to followsuit and pronounce publicly the agony of the people courageously.

Executive Office of the

Eritrean National Council Democratic Change


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