Open Letter to Eggeby Yard Institution/ Stiftelse


Svensk-eritreansk samarbetsorganisation                            

För demokratiutveckling



Open Letter to Eggeby Yard Institution/ Stiftelse


Dear Board of Directors.

We Swedish-Eritrean organization fordemocracy and humanrights urgeEggebygårdsfoundation to ban theEritreandictatorfestivals[1] intheir yard.

Recalling the board,

–          That Eritreaisa country with noconstitution, noelectionshave been held sincethe liberation. Nofreedom of speech andnofree mediaisallowed.

–          People do not havethe freedom to workfor their livelihood, are not allowed tomove freely within thecountry’s borders.The regimekeepsthe whole peoplein fearand terror.

–          The peoplelivingcontinuouslyin direpolitical, economic and social situations ofarbitrary arrest andshootto kill.The countryhas been turned intoprison.Thousands ofyoung people and childrenfleeingthe country eachweekto Sudan, Ethiopia, and later on toWestern countrieswith criminalsmugglersor kidnapped, and relativesrequiredthousands of dollars inransomtofreethe kidnappedperson.

–          The people haveno choicebutto flee the country. Military andsecuritypolice persecutepeopleand arrestwithoutnoreason.

–          The tiny country ofEritreaproduces onlyrefugees andtodaythat has been known by the world community  those who dieinthe accidents on the seas anddesert aremajoritiesof youngEritreans. Whythey fleetheir countryisthe importantissue thatthe international community must be concerned.

–          Today there aremorethan40,000conscience andpolicegenomicprisoners.Among them areformerCabinet members,journalists,amongthemSwedish-Eritrean Dawit Isaak, religious leaders, civil and military officers.Allsufferinginprisonswithout chargeor trial.No one knows whetherthey liveor not.Eritreais now anopenprisonfor its citizens.The regimeis involved inthe smugglingand traffickingofits citizens.


–          Lampedusadisasterwas one of thosehuman catastrophiceventwhereEritrean refugeeshave missedtheirlivesby traveling inlife-threateningcircumstancesindesperation,willing todie ratherthan sufferingina homelandwhich they believecan neverfulfill their dreamsandtheroot cause oftheir escapeisbrutaldictatorship inEritrea.





–          The UNHumanRightsCouncilhas condemnedthe Eritrean dictatorshipof its human rightsviolationsatits 26thmeeting.Crimescommittedby the regime inEritreais murder,extermination, enslavement, torture, rape, politicalandreligiouspersecution.



Commending the Law against humanity

Thanks tothe newlawthat allowscrimes against humanityand those who havecommitted crimes againsthumanity will be triedregardless of wherethe crime wascommitted.Underthe new law,theSwedishjuristagencydirectedits accusationsagainst the president/Essayasandhis ministersin Eritreaagainsthumanity. The President of Eritrea and his ministers will be reported to the  Security Police of Sweden as soon as they visit Sweden.





That Sweden has been arefugeplacefordictatorshipsunder the guise ofSilent diplomacy.The regime hasdeliberatelysentspies asasylum seekersrefugeesin the westerncountries, among themSweden. Theserefugeesapologizes toEritrea’sambassadorsabroadandgobackto Eritreabrainwashedandrecruited asspionsfor the regimein Eritrea.


With this in mind,

–          We  request SwedenasUN memberrespects theUNsanctionsand take speedymeasuresagainstthe Eritreandictatorshipby stoppingallactivitiesofthe dictatorshipsupporters inSweden.

–          We urgeEggebygårdsfoundationto stopthe Eritreandictatorshipsupportersrentthe localitiesforfestivalswith the aim tobe used aspoliticalpropagandaand funding for theworsttotalitarian regime inEritrea.

WeaskSwedenImmigrationAgencyto investigate andreconsiderthe Eritreanrefugeesreception inSwedentobe usedby criminalagentsofthe dictatorship inEritrea.




With regards,


SESADU Board/ styrelse







[1] PFDJ Festival from 31July-3rd August 2014 in Stockholm

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