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1.   Current Situation of Eritrea
Red Sea Afar people mainly youth and women are fleeing the country. This is not the routine fleeing the country experience, but new condition is that the daily number fleeing the repressive regime has increased significantly. The daily reports of persons fleeing Eritrea has increased from 80 to 120 per day.
The load of comforting and caring these unregistered persons fall on the Afar community until they are officially registered with the UNHCR. As we all know, registering takes long and it enables to understand the burden of the recipient community. Hence, it is easier to know to what extent the potential refugees together with the community suffer.       
Moreover, the donor community is feeling the burden of supporting Eritrean refugees. Second, the donors are shifting their focus to Southern Sudan and other parts of western and Sahel countries, and prioritizing where there are natural and non- natural disaster affected areas. This is serious regarding the suffering of the Red Sea Afar refugees.   
In the last six months, the “Sha’bea” / E.P.D.F regime has continued its repression and even further complicated its genocide did not only limited to direct attacks but also started the indirect actions that attacks not only humans but also livestock (sheep, goats, cattle, and camel and including aquatic resources).
2.   Preparation for the Fourth Red Sea Afar People’s Conference
Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (as known as RSADO) set up a preparatory committee sole responsible for organizing everything for the Fourth Red Sea Afar People’s Conference that subsequent lead to the organizational congress that would held at the latter months.
The committee has completed its preparations where by sealing their quality seminars at all levels. Some of these levels include: refugee camps (Berhali and Aysaita) and other places such as Ligiya and Addis Ababa. Based on these seminar outcomes, the preparatory committee has completed the central document that reinforces the on-going struggle.
In all these seminars, the stakeholders have closed their meetings with recommendations the people and the organization would be entrusted to implement effectively and efficiently after the strategic plan is approved in the upcoming congress.
The people’s Conference would be held in Semera 9-11 August 2014. The preparatory committee has send invitation for all stakeholders, other Eritrean opposition organizations, and government officials from the neighboring countries where most Red Sea Afar refugees are present, and all civil association, etc.
At the end of the conference, this preparatory committee would compile the suggestions and recommendations forwarded by the participants, as appropriate.   
Red Sea Afar People with RSADO would win!!!

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