ERIS forms an interim administration committee to manage the Rabita Centre Project

rabita melbourne 8 2014

DATE: 18/08/2014
The Eritrean Islamic Society of Australia (ERIS) formed a new independent committee solely responsible for managing the Community Centre Project, the Rabita Centre Australia. The Chairperson of the newly established committee reports directly to ERIS chairperson. This new committee works with the Eritrean community and the wider community to realise this dream of establishing a vibrant community centre.
Members of the Committee are:
• Munir Abdulhai – Chairperson
• Aya M Idris – Secretary
• Abubaker Saleh – Treasurer and Vice Chairperson
• Dr Abdulhamid Mohamed Ali – Media
• Abdulrahim Samra – Construction and Building
• Idris Shanino – Public Affairs
• Mohamed Aman – Events coordination
• Youth – To be advised
• Jemila Shefa Noor – Women’s committee
The committee members are volunteers who will be supported by subcommittee members to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Each committee is in a process of finalizing its subcommittees and all are determined to be efficient and prudent in the deliberation of their duties. We are pleased to announce that all the offices started their job with vigour and determination. We also would like to inform all our supporters as time goes by, the team members will expand, and certainly the need for a wide range of experienced and skilled people will be on demand. Therefore should there be volunteers that are not registered to give their services are urged to do so. This will help achieve the committee’s immediate objectives. The committee has started its work and making concrete progress with the help of the whole community at large.
The committee would like to thank all those who paid their pledges and those who are in the process of paying. Also would like to sincerely thank the families that have discussed in their family gathering on the occasion of the holy Ramadan and Eid and made a commitment to donate for the Rabita Centre project. The generosity of the community is apparent and may Allah accept your efforts.
To learn more about this media release or about the organization, please contact

Rabita Centre Australia Inc. P. O. Box 2038, Hotham Hill, Vic. 3051, Australia. Phone: 0402 770 614 – 0433 117 007 email:

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